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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Ace Of Spades
Artist Motörhead
Album Ace of Spades
Year 2008
Game Guitar Hero
Platform(s) PS2

Ace Of Spades - GH1

Song Pages / Star Power Pathing
Solo Easy Medium Hard Expert


This solo begins with several slow decending three-note sequences. At the end of the solo there is a fast strumming star power phrase which switches between green notes and yellow-blue chords. The star power phrase is followed by fast acsending chords in sets of three which go all the way up the fretboard.


The outro is considered a major choking point as it contains difficult fretting which is made even harder with the Guitar Hero 1 hammer-on/pull-off engine. The beginning of it contains very fast decsending sequences of OBY notes followed by an orange hold, this pattern repeats three times before going in to some slow yellow and blue notes which is followed by a Infected speed zig-zag.

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