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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song All of This
Artist Shaimus
Album Paper Sun
Year 2006
Game Guitar Hero
Platform(s) PS2

All of This - GH1

Song Pages / Star Power Pathing
Solo Easy Medium Hard Expert


This is considered very difficult by most players. The solo starts off with some very basic fretting that most hard-level players could easily FC. This is followed by a streak of chords which switch between green-yellow chords and red-yellow chords. These chords are fast enough that alt-strumming them is required. The ending of the chords is a confusing sequence which involves going from a red-yellow chord, to a blue note, then to another red-yellow chord. The end of the solo has some fast decsending scales and a fast zig-zag.


This is a massive choking point. It starts of with some very fast OBY triplets which is followed by a slow sequence. The transition from strumming the triplets to strumming the end of the outro is difficult because of the speed change.

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