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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song I Don't Wanna Stop
Game Information
Game Guitar Hero: On Tour
Platform(s) DS
Tier Battleship
Difficulty Expert
Chart Information
Chart Link
Total Notes 884
Base Score 62,760
ScoreHero Stats
Top Score 320,310 by Danen
# Scores 500
3* 33
4* 75
5* 186
6* 158
7* 46
100% 8
FCs 7

I Don't Wanna Stop - GHOT - Solo - Expert

High Score Path

Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 1-2-2-3-2-3 1: 12th GR
2: 1st yellow
2: 2nd GR
3: 1st GR
2: 7th GR
3: 8th GR

Notes about the path: The first activation is very hard to get perfectly, as is the second. Both of them tend to last slightly less than they are capable of lasting, unless you time your activation perfectly. A tip for hitting the last chord in the first activation is to just continually alt strum before the note, since you will not overstrum. Because the last star power phrase is believed to be less than half a bar worth, there is no activation during the solo. However, this is obviously not an optimal path because the game's engine is not fully understood.

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