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This is an old revision of User_Awesometrax made by Awesometrax on 2009-08-24 21:15:28.
Awesometrax, who's real name is Matt, is a 19 year old male from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who is a vocal specialist in Rock Band. Matt received the game for the XBox 360 for Christmas in 2008 and has spent a fair amount of time refining his skills in all instruments, all of which he plays on expert in. He has found his go-to instrument in the vocals however, and is able to clear any vocal song he feels like attempting (some songs he simply does not want to sing, such as songs sung by female vocalists or songs he simply dislikes).

Currently Awesometrax's Scorehero page has listed that 18 of the 84 Rock Band 2 songs has been FCed by him, however that was updated in early July 2009, and he has since FCed 9 more songs from the setlist, most notably Rob The Prez-O-Dent, who he thanks Billtvshow for showing him how to do it. He has FCed many other songs on vocals from the Rock Band 1 setlist and a selection of DLC songs. His track record on the other instruments isn't nearly as impressive, as he has only managed to FC two songs on guitar and one on drums.

Starting in July, Awesometrax began uploading videos of vocal runs on Youtube, which can be found at

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