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The AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack features an 18 song set from the band's legendary concert in 1991 at Donington. The disc is available exclusively at Walmart for Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360; it will be released for Nintendo Wii on November 16th. The disc is based on a slightly stripped down version of the original Rock Band, but allows Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users to export the songs for use in Rock Band or Rock Band 2. The Xbox 360 version includes 12 achievements, allowing for an additional 250 gamerscore.


Gameplay Modes


Solo Quickplay

Simply choose your song, instrument and difficulty that you wish to play.

Solo Tour

The tour begins by choosing a name for your profile, but there is no option to design a character to use. The tour is based on a linear setlist, going through the concert in the order that the songs were performed. Scores and star ratings are saved on the setlist, and a total career score is kept at the bottom of the screen


All multiplayer modes are only playable locally. In order to play on Xbox Live the songs must be exported to Rock Band or Rock Band 2.

Band Quickplay

Works pretty much the same as solo quickplay but with a band.

Band Tour

After naming your band, you play through the same setlist used for the solo tour.


Tug of War

Tug of War mode has two players alternating between playing different sections of the chart. As you play, an arrow will move closer to your side of the meter depending on how well you are playing. Whoever has the arrow on their side at the end of the match wins.

Score Duel

In Score Duel mode, both players play through the full chart of the song and the player with the higher score at the end wins.

Practice Mode

Practice mode functions basically the same as in Rock Band or Rock Band 2. You are able to select sections of the song and adjust the speed you are playing at. One small change we noticed was that you are able to see overdrive phrases while playing in practice mode.


Editor's Note: All song impressions are based off of the gameplay experience on the disc itself. It has been brought to our attention that there may be slight differences in the charts when they are exported to Rock Band 2.


imageGuitar: Very fun intro. Once you get used to the chord pattern in the verses, there's nothing too difficult here.
Bass: Very simple chart. Expect to wait a while before having any notes. The verses are almost entirely composed of blue 8th notes. The choruses and guitar solo have a little more movement to them. Look out for one short HOPO string near the end.
Drums: Nothing too tricky here, only a couple changes in the beat. Gets a little more interesting near the end. Make sure you don't forget to play the last 2 notes.
Vocals: Most of the song isn't to difficult as long as you're familiar with it. Be warned that the Thunder talkies are not freebies, and can be a little tricky to hit. Also watch for the short thunderstruck phrases near the end that change in pitch, these provide an easy chance to ruin a FC coming into the end of the song.

Shoot To Thrill

imageGuitar: Some slightly tricky chord changes here to get used to, followed by a couple relatively simple solos.
Bass: As far as basslines go, this is a really fun chart. Avoids getting too repetitive throughout the song. Look out for the grace notes throughout, they are a perfect chance to break your streak.
Drums: Starts off with a pretty basic rock beat, with some alternating double pad hit/bass drum fills. A fun, but simple tom section kicks in near the middle of the song.
Vocals: Lots of movement on this chart, very few parts are consistent throughout the song. Should provide a fun challenge overall for vocalists.

Back In Black

imageGuitar: The main riff is kinda tricky, and definitely takes some getting used to. The solo is fun, and just kind of a moderate in difficulty. It's not super easy, but it's quite manageable.
Bass: Quite a few different patterns here, but pretty simple overall. You get the pleasure of joining in on the guitar riff leading into the last chorus. Gold star cutoff seems high, even with a FC I failed to gold it.
Drums: Most of this song is a very slow and simple beat. It changes up in the middle a little bit, but never gets too challenging. Seems to be a good candidate for the Drum 100% achievement.
Vocals: Pitch lines in the verses are quite short, so you really need to be on top of the chart to do well.

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

imageGuitar: Very easy outside of the solo, which only has one quick tricky run. This may be a good candidate for the Guitar FC achievement.
Bass: For the most part, a pretty boring chart. It does get a little more interesting around the time of the guitar solo. I don't see anyone really having trouble with this.
Drums: Once again, nothing terribly difficult here, although there is a little more variety than the other charts so far. Watch out for one short tricky fill right near the beginning.
Vocals: This isn't too difficult of a chart, but still fun to sing. Most of the phrases don't have too much movement overall.


imageGuitar: Fun chart. Chord changes take a little getting used to. Solo is tricky but manageable.
Bass: Enjoyable chart overall. There are a couple little parts that may throw you off, including a quick R to Y grace note near the end.
Drums: Hey drummers, it's time to wake up! This chart clips along much faster than the ones preceding it, and has some really fun fills to keep you on your toes.
Vocals: Some phrases have a pretty significant shift in range. Choruses are rather simple, expect the verses to take a little work though.

Fire Your Guns

imageGuitar: Verses are a lot of fun, and not too tricky. While the solo may not be too much of a threat for the top tier players, it may not be a terrible idea to hold onto some overdrive going into it for everyone else.
Bass: Verses and choruses are really repetitive. The pre chorus sections and the bridge are pretty fun though.
Drums: The intro starts off with a pretty fun open/closed hi hat beat. After that the chart becomes a big test of stamina. The main beat of the song is quite fast, and will have your right arm struggling to keep up.
Vocals: Very fun. Phrases tend to either be pretty simple, or have some large pitch changes, without having too much middle ground in between. Probably one of the easier FCs in the pack.


imageGuitar: Very long song. Although the 3rd and 4th solos are fun, there's too much waiting involved to get to them to make me replay this too many times. Most of the song has relatively simple guitar parts or long guitarless gaps. Also of note is the long BRE, netting me over 28 thousand points with just guitar.
Bass: As I was playing through, I didn't find the first few minutes that enjoyable. However, in comparison to what takes place from the time the vocals cut out, to when the last chorus kicks in, those very same parts from the beginning seemed a lot more fun at the end of the song. The whole middle of the song is almost entirely just a single green note on every other beat, although you get a few little changes, it is nowhere near being fun to play.
Drums: Once again, this song suffers on account of sheer length alone. The few fun parts sprinkled throughout are drowned out by the painfuly long stretches of 8th note hi hats with bass drum on every 4 notes.
Vocals: Expect a very long wait in the middle of the song, as there is a 6 minute streak with no vocals or percussion parts for you to play. Make note that this is over half the length of the song in it's entirety. Definitely more suited to play with other people than in solo mode. Some of the starting pitches can be a little tricky to find on a sightread.

The Jack

imageGuitar: Great laid back chart. Pretty simple outside of the solos, just sit back in the groove and make sure not to rush. The second solo has lots of fun bluesy licks, and provides a good challenge.
Bass: Just a really mellow blues bass line, but surprisingly quite fun to play.
Drums: Just a really laid back drum beat. Nothing real tricky here, but still surprisingly fun to just slide into the groove and play along. Don't fall for the false ending, there are a few notes before the BRE.
Vocals: Very reminiscent of Tangled Up In Blue. Lots of very odd phrases, that can be a challenge to figure out, and very little in the way of repeated phrases.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

imageGuitar: Very simple in the verses and choruses, but very hard solos. First solo contains a large section of quick descending triplets, and you would be wise to have overdrive leading into it. The second solo almost sounds like it could be under the Big Rock Ending, with lots of very quickly changing patterns. I expect to see some people failing right before the BRE.
Bass: Pretty standard bass line here, nothing too difficult or exciting.
Drums: Pretty standard beats in this song, Keep an eye out for the transitions between the beats and make sure not to miss the notes following the BRE at the end.
Vocals: Quite a bit of variety in the verses here once again. Average difficulty overall, after a couple runs it shouldn't present too much of a challenge.


imageGuitar: Only a couple main riffs in the song, neither of which is too difficult. Solo is fun, but not overly difficult either.
Bass: One of the simpler charts for bass for sure. Verses are mostly just straight 8th notes, where as the choruses have some pretty basic walking bass licks thrown in.
Drums: Pretty boring and simple chart. Easy candidate for a quick 100%. Only interesting part is the few bars leading up to the guitar solo.
Vocals: Definitely one of the simpler songs in the pack. Only a couple tricky phrases overall, the rest should be able to be picked up rather easily.

Hells Bells

imageGuitar: Look out for minor variations in the verse riff, it's easy to get into a repetitive groove and then have a small change throw you off. Solo isn't anything remarkably challenging.
Bass: This chart tends to throw in enough little variations to keep it fun. Look out for the strumming right before the BRE.
Drums: Nothing too difficult here, but the chart makes enough changes to keep things a bit interesting.
Vocals: Quite difficult, a lot of movement within phrases, covering quite a wide range vocally. This song will definitely take some work.

High Voltage

imageGuitar: Another one of the longer tracks on the disc. Chord changes may take a little bit of time to get used to in some parts. Second solo is definitely a failing threat, actually causing my first fail in playing through.
Bass: Starts off pretty fun, and then begins to suffer from similar issues to Jailbreak in the middle of the song. It's worth noting that the rest of the song does offset the repetitive string of green notes in the middle. Nothing terribly hard here, as long as you don't lose your concentration.
Drums: I expected this to suffer from the same issue as Jailbreak due to the sheer length of the song. While there is a long repetitive stretch in the middle, the parts before and after that re pretty fun. Other than a few rolls, nothing too tough to stop you from FCing this song, which contains over 3600 notes.
Vocals: Probably the hardest song out of the pack, but very rewarding overall. The 2 vocal trade off sections with the crowd are really fun to sing, and really show the benefit of using the live tracks.

Whole Lotta Rosie

imageGuitar: The driving guitar riffs are a lot of fun, and the solos are challenging. The only issue is that the solos are a bit clustered together. This is definitely a song that will benefit from exporting to RB2 and applying Breakneck Speed.
Bass: One of the trickiest bass lines of the bunch, as well as one of the most enjoyable. Biggest concern is just watching for the random gallops in the red streaks, and the strumming section right at the end.
Drums: Pretty fast beat throughout, nothing too technically complicated though. As long as you can keep up with the speed, this shouldn't be too tough.
Vocals: Tricky chart, lots of slight movements, and the chart scroll is pretty fast. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of room for error on these phrases in order to get awesome ratings.

You Shook Me All Night Long

imageGuitar: Perfect example of how a simple song can still be fun. Really nothing difficult at all, but it's still enjoyable to play along with.
Bass: Very easy chart. Only a couple of patterns, and a easy place to pick up the "Oi! Oi! Oi!" achievement (100% while up-strumming bass). Just look out for the 2 quick oranges at the very end of the chart.
Drums: Starts off pretty simple. The chart gets a lot more fun during the guitar solo when you move away from the typical beginners rock beat.
Vocals: Verses tend to be pretty jumpy in pitch, where as the choruses should prove to be quite simple as long as you've heard the song before.


imageGuitar: A couple weird chord changes pop up in the verses from time to time. The solo has some very odd fast runs, that make this chart a rather tricky FC.
Bass: Nothing much of note here, pretty basic chart.
Drums: Pretty fun overall, there's 2 parts that can be detrimental to your FC, and unfortunately they are near the very beginning and end of the song. The first overdrive can be tricky, as it ends with a quick triplet fill. The speed up at the end can catch you off guard if you aren't expecting it to show up.
Vocals: Not too tricky overall, just look out for verse 2.

Let There Be Rock

imageGuitar: Far more enjoyable to me compared to the RB2 version. Be sure to look out for the massive trill in the beginning of solo 4. Also, this marks the largest BRE to date in the series, netting over 51 thousand points on guitar alone.
Bass: Although there are some fun parts throughout, overall the song tends to be a bit repetitive on bass.
Drums: OWWWWWWW. If you've played the song in Rock Band 2, you know what the chart was like there. It's not too different, besides the fact that this live version is a lot faster and harder to keep up with. Thankfully, the beat backs off a little bit during the added solo, so you don't have to keep up the constant hi hat for the entire song. With the abundance of notes here, the star cutoffs are quite high, with a 4 star being around 210k, 5 star around 350k, and the gold star being somewhere in the range of 509-561k. Like guitar, the BRE nets a solid 52 thousand points for you at the end of the song.
Vocals: Harder than the studio version present in Rock Band 2, especially if you have learned that chart really well. Some of the pitches are completely different, and the song moves along and a much faster pace, making it rather difficult to adjust on the fly. Much like Jailbreak, you get a nice long break at the end of the song, except this time you don't have to worry about anymore singing afterwards.

Highway To Hell

imageGuitar: Intro is very difficult, featuring some very fast trills. Luckily they give you the opportunity to grab 2 overdrive phrases before the harder of the trill sections, if you are able to hit the phrases. The rest of the song is pretty simple overall up until the very end.
Bass: You get quite a few breaks during this song. You don't play at all during the intro solo or the verses. What you do play is quite simple, with only 217 notes in the entire chart.
Drums: This is a nice break after Let There Be Rock, and overall a pretty simple beat. If you can hit the Red/Blue/Bass hits going into the choruses you shouldn't have any trouble here.
Vocals: One of the simpler songs, until you hit the last 4 phrases. Expect many FC chokes right at the end of the song.

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

imageGuitar: Fun chart, 5 star can be difficult to achieve. The majority of the song is quite simple, but there are some very long, fast chord streams at the end. These represent a large chunk of the points in the song, and drive up the cutoffs significantly.
Bass: Wow. Great bass chart to finish off the pack, and easily the hardest. It starts off nice and slow, then really kicks in at the speedup. The bassline during the faster section interjects a lot of fun HOPO runs into the strumming. The strumming at the very end can be really tough to keep yourself in tempo.
Drums: Starts off simple, but gets really fun once you hit the tempo change. Expect some fast rolls here near the end, as well as some cymbal rolls that you have to really watch the tempo on. The chart ends with one crazy fill right before the BRE.
Vocals: A lot of tricky phrases throughout, and some talkies that proved to be pretty stubborn. Really fun song to end the pack with though.

Song Exporting

A code is included on the back of the manual for every copy of the retail game. This code may be redeemed once on Xbox Live to allow a download of the songs on the disc for use in Rock Band or Rock Band 2. This allows for the songs to be used in online play as well as in all other forms of gameplay in those games.

Final Opinions

Overall, this is a great selection of songs. It is slightly more geared towards guitarists and vocalists. Drums can still be enjoyable if you like the songs, but don't expect to be the star in this collection. The price is slightly higher than normal DLC, coming in around $2.22 per song compared to the usual $1.99 per song. Given the caliber of the tracks, it's not that bad of a price to pay. Unless you are worried about snagging the achievements for the track pack, I'd recommend just doing the export right away, as there's no other advantages to playing the songs on the disc.

Gallery of Images

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