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Always Hard

Always Hard is more of a joke / fun-based band than a competitive band. The members are as follows:

BrianBAM19 JR626 psxfreak101 Revelus
Instruments* Vocals Guitar/Bass Guitar/Bass Drums

* All instruments may be subject to change.

Details about Always Hard

The band consists of four people who have all played the Hard difficulty competitively at some point on some game. All members of the band are ranked quite high and / or were ranked quite high in the past on certain games. user_BrianBAM19 BrianBAM19 was first overall on Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock GH3H for the Wii at one point, JR626 was first overall on GH:80sH, user_psxfreak101 psxfreak101 was first overall on Game_GuitarHeroII GH2H for the PS2 and the 360 for some time, and user_Revelus Revelus currently holds first overall on Game_GuitarHero GH1H.

Always Hard is a band in Game_RockBand Rock Band. Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2 was not available in Australia at the time that this article was written. (and for that matter, neither was Rock Band) However, psxfreak101 imported a copy of Rock Band.

As the band name suggests, all instruments are played on Hard. The reason behind this is simply to have fun, or, as some people would call it, "for the lulz."

The band technically hasn't had any "official" meetings since it was created, due to some problems. Revelus' drumkit was completely totaled before the band had started up, and psxfreak101 hadn't received his drumkit yet. Thus, it was impossible to have a Full Band meeting. Since psxfreak101 is around 13-14 hours apart from the other band members due to time zones, it was also difficult to successfully schedule a meeting with him.

Band Meetings

The band did have one "meeting", which included the members BrianBAM19, JR626, and Revelus. (psxfreak101 was probably asleep at the time)

You can find the uploaded scores for that session here.

Note that in the above link, the roles of each member were quite different. Revelus was on Vocals, and BrianBAM19 and JR626 were on Guitar/Bass.

On November 9th, 2008, the band met up again, with psxfreak101 playing Guitar, BrianBAM19 on Vocals, and Revelus on Drums. JR626 was gone for the weekend, on a hunting outing.

Once again, it only had three members, but got more done this time. There were some pretty noticable accomplishments, such as BrianBAM19's streak of Vocal Full Combos and psxfreak101's Highway Star Full Combo.

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