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Atomic Toaster Oven

A PS3 band featuring:

user_bisq bisq - Vocals
user_chil Chil - Guitar
Flash012 - Bass
user_blingdomepiece blingdomepiece - Drums

Atomic Toaster Oven was founded with the goal of having fun, completing the setlist, and going for as many gold stars as possible. The idea is to be competent but not have the pressure that comes with trying to be elite. The band was formed in early August 2008.

Atomic Toaster Oven usually plays on Friday or Saturday, fairly late. Its members are divided across two timezones and two countries. Most of the RB1 songs were performed once, with a path leeched elsewhere if possible, but otherwise improvising the path as we went.

As of October 5th 2008, Atomic Toaster Oven was 3rd place on PS3 and 22nd cross-platform.

RB1 Scores
RB2 Scores

Category: CategoryScoreheroBands

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