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Axel Steel

Axel Steel is a playable character in Game_GuitarHero Guitar Hero, Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II, Game_GuitarHeroEncoreRocksThe80s Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Game_GuitarHeroOnTour Guitar Hero: On Tour and Game_GuitarHeroWorldTour Guitar Hero: World Tour.
Axel Steel
Axel In Guitar Hero III

First Game: Game_GuitarHero Guitar Hero
Genre: Metal

Guitar Hero Biography

No Frills, no fluff. Axel Steel is a shredder from the old school. He was put on this planet for two things, to drink beer and to play some Rock N' Roll. Looks like he's almost out of beer.

Guitar Hero II Biography

Famous for his driving riffs and up-front attitude, Axel Steel first picked up a guitar in an attempt to quell his boredom during suspension from elementary school. The rest is history. Metal history.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Biography

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Peoria, Axel Steel is a fan of arena rock and partyin' in the parking lot. King of the stadium show and master of the tailgate, Axel Steel is a hard-riffin' powerhouse.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Biography

After attaining genuine superstar status, Axel retreated to hometown bonfire parties and barnyard jam sessions. Now he's back in the limelight and looking to destroy anyone and anything dull enough to stand in his path of headbanging destruction!

Guitar Hero: On Tour Biography

Axel Steel is one of the legendary monsters of rock. He shreds his guitar like it's cheese. Driven by heavy metal, death metal, metal-core, thrash metal, power metal and of course good old fashioned metal, some say Axel is so metal that he's bullet proof. When Axel isn't rocking out, he likes to watch zombie movies and ride his motorcycle.


The Axel Steel of Past and Present

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