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Rock Band Drums: Back End Squeezing

In order to understand Back End Squeezing for Rock Band Drums, you first must have a basic understanding of Overdrive and it's effects. If you do not have a fundamental knowledge of Overdrive, you can most likely find a topic on the Scorehero Wiki explaining it for you!

Back End Squeezing is a fairly simple technique involving the late activation of Overdrive in order to squeeze extra notes under the length of your Overdrive to accuumulate more points on a song. To explain it in a fictional situation, let's saying if you activate Overdrive exactly on the Green Note (or Red for you lefties) you will get 20 blue notes under Overdrive before you run out. Now, with a Back End Squeeze, if you hit it as late as possible without missing the fill, assuming the blue notes keep going on and on, you have the potential to not only get just those 20 original notes included in your 8x multiplier, but a few more notes even after that, ultimately giving you more points than you would have received without the Back End Squeeze.

This is an important technique because it allows you to maximize the use of your overdrive to fullest by getting you the most points possible on a certain song.

A second way to explain it:

Overdrive lasts a number of measures. The OD usually runs out a few milliseconds before the first note of a new measure. When playing normally, your 8X multiplier (from OD) will run out just before the first note of the new measure and the multiplier will drop to 4X (No more OD), causing the note to hit to be worth a 4X, rather than 8X. A back-end is hitting that first note of the new measure EARLY, so that you can hit it during the 8X multiplier, rather than the 4X, earning you 100 extra points per note than usual.

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