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Barre Exam was a highly competitive scorehero band for the Rock Band game on Xbox 360. It was organized by User_Kawigi Kawigi and cofounded by User_BowlZ BowlZ. It consisted of:


User_Kawigi Kawigi had been floating around the "Will Rock For Food" forums for a few weeks and was starting to notice that most players (or at least a large portion of them) were on the east coast and typically went to bed before he started playing, and that trying to find a band to join was going to be difficult with his fairly restrictive playing schedule. At some point in there, he got a friend request from User_BowlZ BowlZ, a drummer with similar rank and momentum to that which Kawigi had on vocals at the time. They found a guitarist and bassist of reasonbly similar ability that were willing to play late at night and started a band that was called Tetriverse, which only played a couple of times and didn't really do anything notable except deteriorate due to bad communication. Due to this deterioration, Kawigi and BowlZ decided to start over again.

A bassist who they had auditioned previously had proven himself clearly superior to the bassist in Tetriverse by this point in time, and still expressed interest in playing in a competitive band, and User_DieRedSparowes DieRedSparowes became the bassist for the new band. Several guitarists applied for the guitar position in the band, and about half a dozen auditioned. The first guitarist that seemed like a good fit, particularly skill-wise was User_TheFrank TheFrank, but after trying for probably an hour to get a good run of a song together, TheFrank gave up and wished us luck finding someone else. As the other three band members sat talking, Kawigi went down the guitar career score leaderboards one spot at a time until he found someone who was online and playing Rock Band, and he invitedUser_Juggernaut7581 Juggernaut7581 to the game. After playing a collection of songs and chatting a bit, BowlZ invited Juggernaut to start a scorehero band with us, and he accepted.

Season 9 Full Band League

When prospective divisions were announced for season 9 of scorehero's league, Kawigi and BowlZ were sure that Barre Exam had a shot at winning the full band league. Unfortunately, a couple days before the entry deadline, DieRedSparowes came with the news that he was moving for an internship in a smaller town, and he wasn't sure that he'd be able to continue playing with us. After frantically trying to find another bassist who we could recruit for the league within the few short days before it started, the band decided to try to get it to work anyways in spite of the circumstances. Through a combination of visiting his parents on weekends and borrowing the internet connection of friends in his temporary location, as well as the fortunate first-round bye in the playoffs, DieRedSparowes and Barre Exam managed to squeeze out a good session to play the league songs week after week.

Of course, other problems also made leagues difficult - Kawigi's Xbox went down right as the leagues were starting and he participated on a loaner from a friend for about a week out of the time it took for his to get repaired.

Barre Exam's performance in the league was almost beyond reproach. Out of 8 songs in the 4 weeks of the regular season, Barre Exam took first place on 4/8 songs (and second on the other 4) and 3/4 weeks, and posted decisive victories in each round of the playoffs, capped by a finals victory by around 400,000 points on Won't Get Fooled Again.

Pathing Efforts

When the band first started, most paths were formulated on the fly by BowlZ, who would just yell instructions like "skip" or "now" to communicate when he planned on activating. Other members of the band primarily followed his lead. The band did reasonably well doing this, and BowlZ's multi-instrument skill made him well-suited to take this role.

As the full band league progressed, Kawigi realized that they wouldn't be able to continue scoring at their consistently high level if they didn't put some advance effort into pathing the songs for the league, and started developing a pathing process that became quite effective. This process was still in its underdeveloped stages in week three when Barre Exam had the only week of the leagues in which they didn't win, taking second place on both songs. By the next week, however, it solidified, and Barre Exam took 1st place on the next 10 songs it played, including all of their league songs (they have since been beaten on a few of those songs, however). Of the songs Kawigi pathed starting from week 4 of the league, Barre Exam has 11 first place scores, 7 second place scores, 3 third place scores, and no scores below 3rd place. After Barre Exam's last session, Kawigi continued pathing and worked out paths for 16 more songs in anticipation of future sessions that never happened. Most of these paths were theoretically good enough for first-place scores at the time, and two of them - those for Say It Ain't So and Detroit Rock City - were later executed by DriveShaft, getting them cross-platform firsts on both songs.


Aside from their league victory, Barre Exam's greatest mark on scorehero was eventually the fact that they found and executed great paths, and shared their paths with the community on songs they took first place on. Barre Exam was never ranked highly in the full band career leaderboards, because they only ever played 42/58 songs, but the consistently high quality of their scores, particularly after their first two or three sessions, was unmatched by any other band. Barre Exam had higher scores than first place band Unethical Horse Rapists on 25/42 songs played, 23/31 songs played after the full band league started, and 17/21 songs pathed by Kawigi. They currently hold first place for 1/3 of the songs they played and top-3 scores for 2/3.


As time went on, DieRedSparowes internship became more demanding, as did Juggernaut's outside commitments. Eventually Juggernaut announced that he would no longer be able to continue competitive band play, which effectively ended Barre Exam.

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