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Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands mode in Rock Band 2 allows a band and its members to compete against other bands for rock supremacy! Battle of the Bands accomplishes this by presenting different challenges, where you compete to get a higher score, streak or star count. Each challenge can have one or more songs in its setlist, and will usually have a name to properly represent the challenge. Some of these challenges require a specific instrument in order to participate, or can only be done by a solo player.

With the update to the website, you can head over to Battle of the Bands to see what the current battles are, and if you are logged in, you can see your rank, and your friends rank on battles you have competed in. By clicking on the Battle Details link, you can get more information about the challenge, including the setlist and any special requirements. In addition, you can preview upcoming challenges, and view details on them as well.

Battle of the Bands challenges can last anywhere from a day to week, and will usually end at midnight Eastern time.

Like the DLC promise, Harmonix has stated, that there will be new Battle of the Bands challenges every day.

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