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Beginner is a new difficulty introduced in Game_GuitarHeroWorldTour Guitar Hero World Tour, brought back in Game_GuitarHeroMetallica Guitar Hero: Metallica, and expected to be on Guitar Hero Smash Hits. It is identical to Easy in speed and rhythm of notes, but it doesn't matter whether you press any fret buttons or which fret buttons you press; you only need to strum at the right times. There are also no sustains. The notes look similar to bass pedal notes and open bass notes, but are multicolored instead of purple. Star Power notes are white, identical to open bass note pull-offs on bass. Notes under Star Power are light blue. Overlapping Star Power notes are a shining light blue. This feature was not brought back in Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades and it is unknown if this difficulty will be Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.

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