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Better Than You --v is a competitive band for Rock Band 2, formed by User_Kawigi Kawigi and User_BowlZ BowlZ, previously in Barre Exam for Rock Band 1.


Bass: User_blob blob (scores)
Drums: User_BowlZ BowlZ (scores)
Guitar: User_chidori chidori (scores)
Vocals and paths: User_Kawigi Kawigi (scores)


Better Than You --v is, in a sense, a successor to Barre Exam, the band that BowlZ and Kawigi previously played together in. Among Barre Exam's most notable accomplishments was winning scorehero's first full band league in season 9, and although BowlZ and Kawigi didn't attempt to organize a new band right when Rock Band 2 came out, the announcment of season 10 brought them out of hiding and put them in search for a new pair of guitarists. One of those guitarists had already been found - blob had expressed interest in playing bass with the band formerly known as Barre Exam. On recommendation (and, frankly, reputation), chidori was asked to play guitar and accepted.

In November 2008, Better Than You --v was formed and soon after won the Euro Launch BotB, a setlist that consisted of only the song "Come Out And Play".

In January 2009, Better Than You --v won the finals of Scorehero's season 10 full band league, beating the top band (at the time), Bread Michaels Band. The bands were seeded first and second after the regular season, and were less than 1 "point" apart in those standings. In a sense, this was a sort of rematch of the season 9 finals, as two members of Better Than You --v and one member of Bread Michaels Band were in the finalist bands (Barre Exam and We Eat Glue) in season 9.

In February 2009, chidori's Xbox went down. Additionally, chidori expressed that he wanted to take a break from music games for awhile. In March, blob, BowlZ and Kawigi decided to continue working on easier songs with three people (having one person sing while playing one of the other instruments simultaneously). They played 4 songs this way, with mostly solid results and one cross-platform first, but the scores were subsequently removed because they weren't attained with all four members of the band, and therefore weren't the whole band's scores. Kawigi later resubmitted the scores as an anonymous band, but they no longer "officially" count as Better Than You --v's scores on scorehero, and therefore, Better Than You --v hasn't done any more competitive multitasking.

In March 2009, Kawigi finished pathing the setlist and writing up the paths for the band to use. Other bands have certainly pathed the RB2 setlist before, but no one person (that I know of) has done it before this.

Later in March, chidori returned to music gaming (motivated by the arrival of Guitar Hero: Metallica), and overcame hardware defects to also return to competitive band play.

In May 2009, Better Than You --v finished the first tier and is currently first place on that tier by more than 100k points, with 5 1sts and 5 2nds (and one of the 2nds is behind a multitasking score done by three members of the band).


As of May 30th, 2009:
84 songs pathed
48 songs played (50 including multitasking scores)
82,397,167 total score (19th place on Xbox 360)
15 FB 100%s
27 first-place scores on Xbox 360, 22 cross-platform firsts (28/23 including multitasking scores)
15 second-place scores
No scores worse than 5th place
More first place scores than any other Xbox 360 band, and more cross-platform firsts than any band on scorehero.
32 firsts on the Xbox Live leaderboards, according to (Better Than You --v always plays on Kawigi's BWT mode).


Finish all the songs!
150 million career score (currently, by Kawigi's made-up calculations, they're currently on pace for 150.4 million)
Be first overall (of course). Without playing Visions. Yeah, we'll play Visions eventually, but I don't think it's high on our list of things we can't wait to do.
First on each tier (got one so far!)
First on half of the RB main setlist songs (27 firsts out of 48 songs isn't a bad start, right?).

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