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Big Rock Ending

Big rock endings (or BREs) are a feature of the Rock Band series. On select songs, the ending displays open lanes and becomes a free-for-all of playing for points. The more one plays during a big rock ending, the more points one can potentially gain.
After a big rock ending, there are always a few notes which must be hit by the entire band or all the points that the BRE would have given are lost.


To calculate the theoretical maximum points for any given BRE the following equation can be used (t being length of BRE in seconds):
t*500+750=maximum score

Guitar and Bass

Each fret is worth an initial value of 150 points, and afterwards, the fret's value "recharges" until the fret is no longer lit up and is once again worth 150 points. The recharge time is approximately 1.5 seconds and is not determined by tempo. Because of the way the value recharges, as long as each fret is played at least once every 1.5 seconds, the same number of points are awarded. To get the most possible points, you need to: The most common strategy is to play one quick scale at the beginning of the Big Rock Ending, then play scales or zig-zags throughout the rest of the Big Rock Ending, and then to play one final quick scale at the end of the Big Rock Ending. People using the Strat can also use the solo buttons, a random flail up and down on them, to maximize their BRE points. This is what gives the Strat an advantage over other guitars when it comes to BREs.


Drums work in a similar fashion to guitar/bass, except that the entire drum kit acts like a single fret rather than each drum being individual like the guitar's frets. The initial point value is 750. The recharge time is 1.5 seconds, like bass/guitar. Because of this, as long as you hit a drum, any drum, at least once every 1.5 seconds, you will get the same amount of points as someone who hits all the drums every 0.5 seconds, giving you a lot of freedom in what you want to play. To maximize points, you still need to hit a drum as close to the beginning and end of the BRE as possible.


Vocalists gain no points on their own for big rock endings and do not have BREs when played solo, but when they activate during the BRE in multiplayer they give other band members additional points for each note hit.

List of Songs With Big Rock Endings

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