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Bird is the Word


Guitar: ES942
Drums: oopogfe
Vocals: Foozball
Bass: Nbrazz55

Well, this all started when I was looking for a casual band to play with with people that could play all 4 instruments. The band was of Bowlz, Garagemetal468, ES942, and I. Before we could even play, garage dropped out because his pedal had snapped and was not sure when he would get a new one. Then, Bowlz realized that he didn't think he was going to be very committed (even though it was casual) and decided he should put his main focus on the famous Barre Exam. So, it was only ES and I. Being too lazy to find other multi-instrumental people, I decided to ask ES if he wanted to start a competitive band. I had also (even before he responded) got Foozball and ThePhoenix3 to do vocals and drums. Eventually ES agreed to play guitar and we were ready to go. We all agreed on the name "The Bird is the Word" since the Family Guy episode had just recently. We only played twice for short periods of time (about 20 minutes). Phoenix later realized that he wasn't "super" committed to the band, and only wanted to play about once a week. We told him that we were looking for someone slightly more committed and he was okay with us going a different way with a drummer. This is where Oopogfe comes into the picture as the new drummer, and that is where we stand now. "Bird is the Word" hopes to reign as one of the top bands on SH!

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