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This page is for documenting any songs that have gone Un-FCed past a certain amount of time (currently 1 week or 7 days, beginning and ending at 5:00 AM on Tuesday), songs that have been released but have not been out past the deadline, and songs that, while they may not have made the list or have not been FCed when the SH thread was made, were very difficult to FC then and now, and deserve recognition.

original SH thread.

Recent Updates (at most a week old):

Un-Fced New DLC:

Short List of un-FCed songs in order of difficulty:

  1. "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" by Motley Crue
  2. "The Great Southern Trendkill" by Pantera (may be 1st after consideration)
  3. "Crawl" by Kings of Leon

Short List of FCed songs in order by date of first FC:
  1. "Well Thought Out Twinkles" by Silversun Pickups (1/21/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  2. "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live)" by AC/DC (1/21/2009) (sk84life293)
  3. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/22/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  4. "Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws (2/8/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  5. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live)" by AC/DC (3/27/2009) (strikebowler585)
  6. "Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)" by AC/DC (4/6/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  7. "Constant Motion" by Dream Theater (4/6/2009) (strikebowler585)
  8. "Let There Be Rock (Live)" by AC/DC (5/1/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  9. "Idiots Rule" by Jane's Addiction (5/6/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  10. "The Great Satan" by Ministry (6/3/2009) (cirkit)
  11. "Thrasher" by Evile (6/15/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  12. "Hell Hole" by Spinal Tap (8/12/2009) (southparkhero)
  13. "Aesthetics of Hate" by Machine Head (9/27/2009) (Orson)
  14. "My Last Words" by Megadeth (10/8/2009) (ukog-monkey)
  15. "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes (11/18/2009) (ukog-monkey)
9) "Refugee (Live)" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (12/1/2009) (ukog-monkey)
8) "Hangar 18" by Megadeth (2/24/2010) (degreen11)
7) "Five Magics" by Megadeth (2/28/2010) (JPrez44)
6) "Spanish Castle Magic" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4/7/2010) (ProfessorJoe)
5) "You Got Me Floatin'" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4/7/2010) (ProfessorJoe)
4) "Bold as Love" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4/10/2010) (Sean 2490)
3) "East Jesus Nowhere" by Pantera (6/6/10) (TheWhiteKenya)


23 songs out of 26 have been FCed.

ukog-monkey has FCed 11 of these songs.
strikebowler585 has FCed 3 of these songs.
ProfessorJoe has FCed 2 of these songs.
sk84life293 has FCed 1 of these songs.
cirkit has FCed 1 of these songs.
southparkhero has FCed 1 of these songs.
Orson has FCed 1 of these songs.
JPrez44 has FCed 1 of these songs.
sean2490 has FCed 1 of these songs.
The WhiteKenya has FCed 1 of these songs.


Main List songs:

Well Thought Out Twinkles FC
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live) FC
Blood Sugar Sex Magik FC
Green Grass and High Tides FC
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live) FC
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live) FC
Constant Motion FC
Let There Be Rock (Live) FC
Idiots Rule FC
The Great Satan FC
Thrasher FC
Hell Hole FC
Aesthetics of Hate FC
My Last Words FC
Icky Thump FC
Refugee (Live) 99%
Hangar 18 FC
Five Magics FC
Spanish Castle Magic 99%
You got me Floatin' 97%
Bold as Love 98%
East Jesus Nowhere Guitar/Bass Double FC
Dont' Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 99%
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) Solo 1b FC
Crawl 98%
Crawl Solo A FC (90% speed)

Hall of Fame Songs:

Afterlife FC
Bat Country FC
Better FC
Blackened FC
Black Magic FC
Caprici Di Diablo FC
Damnation Game FC
Embedded FC
I Ain't Superstitious FC
The Number of the Beast FC
Riad 'N the Bedouins FC
Satch Boogie FC
She's A Hottie FC
Should've Been A Cowboy FC
Sleepwalker FC
Stonehenge FC
Testify FC
There Was A Time FC
Waking the Demon FC
Warriors of Time FC
Surfing With the Alien 92%
Green Grass and High Tides (bass) FC
Thrasher (bass) FC
Visions (Bass) FC

Hall of Fame:

Note: The contents of this section are 100% subjective.

This is a section for songs that are well-known for their high FC difficulty and/or went un-FCed for an extended period of time before this thread was created. There is no objective criteria for this section; the songs contained within will be based on community opinion of what does/doesn't belong.

"Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold: Solo D is ridiculous, though not extremely so; looked much harder than generally thought of now when it was released; there are a fair amount of FCs now, but this is still a very impressive song to FC.

"Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold: This song is mainly here because of bad solo charting--it's similar to Beast and the Harlot solo D in Guitar Hero 2. Because of the strum limit, the best way to approach this strumming in the solo is with the "Ballroom Blitz technique," although that's much easier said than done.

"Better" by Guns 'N Roses: This song is here because of Chorus 3, which contains one of Buckethead's insane tapping parts. It was FCed very quickly, but still has only a handful of FCs.

"Blackened" by Metallica: Solo A is incredibly difficult; the song was launch DLC with Rock Band 1 and it still has hardly any FCs.

"Black Magic" by Slayer: 2 insane, very confusing solos.

"Caprici Di Diablo" by Yngwie Malmsteen: Although this song was FCed very quickly (largely due to the fact that it's undercharted), it's still extremely difficult, and is known by average players as one of the hardest songs in the game to pass. The third solo is by far the hardest part, but nothing in the song is really "easy."

"Damnation Game" by Yngwie Malmsteen: Ascending triplets at the end of the song are VERY fast; there's also the long and difficult solo to contend with.

"Embedded" by Job For a Cowboy: Verse 2C has 4 quick bursts of fast strumming that are very hard to hit because of the strum limit; hardly anybody has FCed this.

"Guns of Summer" by Coheed and Cambria: Very hard all-around with an extremely tricky and fast strumming solo.

"I Ain't Superstitious" by Megadeth: The insanity in Chorus 2 is probably the hardest section in any Megadeth song barring the fast strumming in My Last Words. The section itself went un-FCed for quite some time.

"The Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden: This is the cover version; it's second solo contains a very difficult fast strumming part with the pattern OYYY (repeat several times). Because of the pattern, hammer-ons can be abused to make it easier.

"Riad 'N the Bedouins" by Guns 'N Roses: This song is, like Better, here because of an insane tapping part by Buckethead. This time, it's Pre-Verse 3.

"Satch Boogie" by Joe Satriani: Easier to FC in Rock Band than in Guitar Hero: World tour due to lack of broken purple notes, but the sweeps are still very hard; also, for normal people, this is probably the hardest song ever in Rock Band to pass.

"Should've Been A Cowboy" and "She's A Hottie" by Toby Keith: You may be wondering, why the heck are these songs in here? They're not very challenging and they sure aren't hard FCs that an above-average player couldn't do. Regardless, they still caused quite a ruckus when the entire community for some reason thought they lasted Un-FCed long enough to make the list, and this debacle angered many. When it was finally discovered that both these songs were FCed in two days, a community facepalm occurred. Credit to SirRobin1tothe3 for this description.

"Sleepwalker" by Megadeth: Solo 2b was considered impossible or near-impossible at the time of this song's release; the song still has very few FCs.

"Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap: Has one really stupid fast strumming part.

"Sulfur" by Slipknot: Two tough fast strumming parts and a very hard solo.

"Surfing With the Alien" by Joe Satriani: The trills were already hard in Guitar Hero 3, but now you actually have to hit them accurately. Ouch.

"Testify" by Stevie Ray Vaughan: Second solo has a crazy fast strumming pattern on blue and orange; both solos are charted very poorly (random strum hell) and as such are extremely awkward to play.

"There Was A Time" by Guns 'N Roses: Extremely fast ascending triplets at the end of the song.

"Warriors of Time" by Black Tide: Third solo contains several very difficult parts, including fast descending triplets, a "Number of the Beast part" (see above), and fast 4-note scales reminiscent of I Wanna Be Your Man's solo.

"Waking the Demon" by Bullet For My Valentine: Difficult riffs, two fast strumming parts, and an extremely fast trill in the solo.

"Green Grass and High Tides" by The Outlaws (bass): Solo 2E is very similar to guitar (although a little shorter and thus easier).

"Thrasher" by Evile (bass): Think about the fast strumming in the guitar part, but with less breaks and sustained throughout the entire song. Not fun; also probably the hardest chart in any game to 5-star/gold-star/do well on overall.

"Visions" by Abnormality (bass): The bridge is insane, containing ridiculously fast bursts of strumming. Much, much harder than the guitar part.

Un-FCed songs:

3) Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)


I think that one of two things are true about this song. Either it's the most underrated song ever for FC difficulty or people just don't care about it because they think that it's impossible. Most of the song is relatively easy. However, the first solo is extremely tough to even get an awesome on because of the crazy fast strumming that ends it. It consists of 2.5 measures of 32nd notes. The speed is 16.3 NPS for the first 3 beats, after which it is 16.5 NPS for the remainder of the part. There are many fret changes in this part, and some are off-beat, but they are all on downstrums (assuming that you start on a downstrum). This means that there are also many hammer-ons, which may be the key to FCing this song. Consider this: if we stop at the Y before the OY hammer-ons at the end, there are 80 notes in this sequence. However, 16 of them are hammer-ons, because one occurs every time the fret changes. That reduces the total amount of strummed notes to 64 if you use every hammer-on. Obviously, this is very, very difficult to do, but with this method, you will only have to strum a maximum of 15 notes in a row, and that only happens once (at the end). Clearly, the strum limit is probably not going to allow you to strum 80 notes in a row at 16.3-16.5 NPS without dropping one, so if you want this FC, you're going to have to be good with using hammer-ons in fast strumming. Also, you should know that even if you can hit the "impossible" part, there's a very odd trill at the end of the second solo just waiting to destroy you. It starts slow, then very briefly increases to 13.4 NPS before slowing back down. Make sure that you can hit that consistently before attempting this FC, because it would really suck to choke there. ukog-monkey has FCed the strumming. Decino also has a -1 in the strumming in a real run, and has also FCed the strumming.

2) The Great Southern Trendkill


(Description later)

1) Crawl


A new song ranked above everything we've ever seen before? That's right. How, you ask? It's very similar to the former #1, Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) in that it is basically an overall easy song to play, but with one hard part that's incredibly difficult to hit, that part being a fast strumming, strum limit-violating part. Obviously, we're going to break this part down quite intensely. The strumming occurs at the very beginning of the solo (which is at the end of the song). It lasts for approximately 2.25 measures of 4/4 time (9 beats, plus one pick-up note at the beginning, which is a hammer-on and should definitely not be strummed). The speed is exactly 17 NPS until the third note of the fourth blue streak, at which it increases to 17.4 NPS. For the last six notes (4 yellows followed by two blues), the speed drops down slightly to 17.2 NPS. There are 109 total notes, 23 of which are hammer-ons. Using the hammer-ons (much easier said than done) will obviously be important, but there are several long streaks of the same note (no hammer-ons); notably the first green streak (14), the first blue streak (15), and the fourth green streak (11). For comparison, the yellow streak in Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) (the only notably long streak without hammer-ons in that song) contains 16 notes. Notably, there are also 2 parts of the strumming in which you get 2 hammer-ons in a row, and 1 part where you even get 3 hammer-ons in a row. Fortunately, the difficulty of the song after this crazy strumming part is just a little bit more difficult than Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away); that is to say it isn't difficult and shouldn't pose a problem to somebody attempting an FC. The song ends just a few seconds after the solo does. Make sure that you are familiar with the back half of the solo if you are attempting an FC, as chokes are not completely out of the question, especially if you are sightreading that part due to not ever playing real runs of the song. Know that there are a few random strums in the solo (as there are in most solos), which are annoying but not difficult to hit in this case. Also, make sure that you are aware of the "tag" note at the end of the song...meaning that after you hit the last green sustain in the solo, there is still one more note at the end of the sustain...PAY ATTENTION! Nobody has FCed the strumming yet, making it the only un-FCed section in all of Rock Band guitar/bass.

FCed songs:

7) Well Thought Out Twinkles


There's not really much to say about this song, as there's only one hard part. However, that one part makes it the 7th hardest FC in the game. I'm talking (of course) about the last measure of the solo. It consists of 4 G 16th notes on beat 1, then G 32nd notes through beats 2, 3, and 4. The 32nd notes are about the same speed as the bursts in Lazy Eye, but there are way more of them. It starts at 16.7 NPS on beat 2, then drops to 16.52 NPS for beats 3 and 4. This drop is not really noticeable, but it might be important. Luckily for anyone that manages to combo this, it's almost impossible to choke afterwards. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 1/21/2009.

11) For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live)


Honestly, I can't figure out why this song hasn't been full comboed yet. It's certainly not easy, but I don't see anything uber-hard in it. Solo 2 is somewhat difficult, and it is followed by a 12.67 NPS trill-strumming-trill sequence, which is probably the hardest part of the song. After that, we have the notorious streams of chords at the end of the song, which is what I thought was holding people back at first. However, I discovered that these streams are only 10.1 NPS, with two brief moments of higher speed. The first such moment occurs in the last measure of the RY chords, where it jumps to 12 NPS. The second occurs on the 5th GR chord and lasts for exactly one beat, with a new speed of 13 NPS. The YO chords right before the Big Rock Ending are just 10.1 NPS. There are no awkward strumming patterns or rhythms either. Every note in the streams is a 32nd note, and every chord change is on the beat. First FCed by sk84life293 on 1/21/2009.

10) Blood Sugar Sex Magik


This is the other non-FC on guitar that I'm a little confused about. I think it's a little harder to get than For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (Live), but it really should have been done by now. I'm guessing that people just can't stand having to re-do the song because of the very end of it. There are only 2 hard parts: the YBO strumming early in the song and the really fast strumming at the end. The YBO strummng isn't even fast really (only 9.9 NPS), but it's hard because it is 2 beats of 32nd notes preceded by ONE 16th note. It's easy to restart if you miss there anyway, and it's not hard at all once you know the rhythm. The actual reason why this song hasn't been done is, obviously, the fast strumming at the end. Now, let's just look at it. The slow RY chords right before it are 10.3 NPS. They feel like 16ths but they are 32nds like the rest, just at a much slower tempo. On the RB chords, the tempo really picks up and the speed is now 14 NPS. On the YO chords, it increases ever so slightly to 14.1 NPS. There is also an offbeat change to the BO chords, as there are only three YO chords. Obviously, this section is very hard, and it will be affected by the strum limit, but guess what? Move Along's orange streak is faster than all of it (at 14.67 NPS) and even I've FCed that song. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 1/22/09.

8) Green Grass and High Tides


The only remaining on-disc FC across all Rock Band AND Guitar Hero games. This is definitely the one that you should go for if you want recognition, because tough DLC FCs get no respect (I made an appeal earlier in this post, but I doubt it'll change anything). You are probably in awe seeing it this low on the list. However, I am fairly sure that everything below is harder. I could be wrong though. Anyway, we all know what's so hard about this song: the 15.1 NPS strumming hell that is solo 2E. This is nearly impossible to hit because of the strum limit. However, even I have streaked it for a few beats on full speed, and I've FCed it on 70% (proving that the elites should be able to get the FC someday). While solo 2E is the "impossible" part, the rest of the song isn't a cakewalk either. To make things worse, the hardest of the "easy" rest of the song is the rest of the 2nd solo after the fast strumming, which makes choking very possible. In fact, ukog-monkey managed to hit solo 2E in a real run, but he choked somewhere afterward (a little after 70% on the runs) and ended with a 2800 note streak or so. If he can choke, anybody can, so don't take the remainder of solo 2 lightly. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 2/8/2009.

3) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live)


This song contains (almost) no strum limit-violating fast strumming! So how is it so high on the list? Two words: outro solo. That's not to say that the first solo is easy though, because it's certainly not. It contains a sequence of 16th note triplets that lasts for slightly over 7 measures. The speed of these triplets ranges from 13.3 NPS to 13.6 NPS, and the fingering is very awkward at the end (also the part where the 13.6 NPS is reached) if you are one-handing it. Tapping is definitely a solution to that problem, but it's still a hard section regardless. However, it's nothing to the outro solo. This solo consists of what, to most, looks like pure nonsense. It begins with 13.47 NPS strumming, then follows up with some patterns that are faster than anything else in the game except for the #1 song (I bet you can't guess what song that is). There are two parts where the top speed of 17.96 NPS is obtained. The first starts with the RYB zig-zag pattern and ends with the RB chords (note that these chords are 5 notes in a row that must be strummed as well, and yes, they are still 17.96 NPS). That is a total of 21 notes in a row at that crazy speed (to be exact, it starts on beat 2 of measure 145 and lasts through that measure). The second is the scale and short GRB zig-zag pattern that occurs shortly afterward (in measure 147 if you look at the chart). Thankfully, the strum limit shouldn't really come into play here, unless it affects the 5 RB chords. While it's only 5 notes, the speed is an absolutely unheard of 17.96 NPS (no strumming is faster in Rock Band outside of what's under Bodhisattva's Big Rock Ending, which is an overcharted mess that ranges from 27.9 NPS to 28.3 NPS), so I wouldn't be surprised if combos dropped there. I'm really not sure if 5 notes is enough to be affected by the strum limit, so I would appreciate an expert opinion (I'm not good enough to trust my own testing). After testing it myself however, I have been able to hit those 5 notes on full speed (and I suck at both fast strumming and abusing the timing window) so I don't think it will be a major problem for anyone going for this FC. strikebowler585 has FCed the outro solo in practice mode. First FCed by strikebowler585 on 3/27/2009.

7) Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)


When I first read that this song hadn't been FCed, I was shocked. However, when I went back and played it again, I could see why. There's nothing that's absolutely nuts in the song, but a lot of the soloing is pretty damn hard. The first solo isn't too bad. However, the second one contains a very difficult part consisting of a strum-hammer combination (kind of like the end of I Wanna Rock from GH:80s) at 12.6 NPS. The third solo is easy like the first until the end of it, where it throws some very annoying grace notes at you. This also happens to be an overdrive phrase (how nice of them). After you hit the grace notes, you then have to make it past the outro fill without choking, which is no small feat. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 4/6/2009.

5) Constant Motion


No surprises here [referring to the fact that this song USED to be considered the hardest FC in the game]. This song absolutely does not break the strum limit anywhere, but that doesn't mean it's an easy FC either. Nothing even approaches the speed of solo D's 32nd notes, which are 22.7 NPS and last for 3.5 measures. By the way, there are absolutely NO triplets in solo D, contrary to what everyone thinks. Well, there should be, but Harmonix decided to overchart this song. We can't do anything about that though, so we're just going have to try to FC what has been given to us. The notes at the end are grouped in 3's, but they are STILL 32nd notes and they are STILL 22.7 NPS. Just look carefully at the chart if you don't believe me. Notice that the first ORG "triplet" has two notes in one measure and one note in the next...this is what made me suspicious of the notion that they were triplets. I proceeded to count the notes (all of them too, not just a few). I discovered that there are still 8 to every single beat. There are exactly 7 required strums in the 22.7 NPS section and none of them are random, so tapping the end of it should be "easy" once someone figures out how to hit the scales before it and the transition into it (I mean somewhat easy for that person, it's still impossible for most of us). Starting with the last B before the "triplets," there are 7.5 beats of straight 32nd notes with absolutely no breaks. This is the longest amount of time that you have to sustain the 22.7 NPS fretting with absolutely no breaks; there are also 2 tricky strums in this sequence. While it is possible to choke after the solo, I doubt that someone who could actually FC the song would. First FCed by strikebowler585 on 4/6/2009.

4) Let There Be Rock (Live)


This song would have been earlier in the list if it wasn't so long and chokeable. The hardest part is at the end; it's a choke waiting to happen. Anyway, there are a few early parts that are somewhat hard. The grace notes at the end of solo 1 are just like in the studio version but faster, making them fairly difficult to hit. Also, for what it's worth, the strummng in the fill at the end of solo 1 is 14 NPS, but it's only six notes, so it's not that hard. There is nothing else worth mentioning until solo 4, which comes out of nowhere after the seemingly endless repeating of a borng riff after solo 3. Solo 4 is the super-hard part of the song, and it comes right at the end, eager to break your FC. It begins with a 15.4 NPS trill to wake you up if you had fallen asleep (which is understandable). The trill eventually drops to 11.4 NPS, getting noticeably slower. After a little bit of easy stuff, you are made to strum Y at 15.4 NPS for 4 measures. After some more easy stuff, you have to do the "fast" strumming that mimics the end of the studio version's 3rd solo. It's only 11.6 NPS (at its maximum), but its still very easy to choke and drop combo here. Unfortunately, once you get through all of that, you are tortured with a stupidly long Big Rock Ending, the longest one in the game by far. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 5/1/2009.

5) Idiots Rule


This is, overall, a fairly difficult song for the average player. It contains 3 solos, all of which will be tough for most people. However, for the best players, the only real combo breaker in this song occurs at the beginning of the third solo. It is, as you can probably guess, a streak of fast strumming. It is somewhat short though; the entire streak is contained in just one measure and consists of 30 32nd notes. The first 6 notes are just 13.6 NPS, but the following 8 notes shoot up to 15.6 NPS. The final 16 notes are 15.2 NPS. Hammer-on abuse will not help much here, as there are just 2 fret changes (and thus only two hammer-ons). First FCed by ukog-monkey on 5/6/2009.

5) The Great Satan


The most surprising thing about this song is that it actually does NOT contain any fast strumming at all! Well then, how is it that you see it here? I direct your attention to the guitar solo, which is difficult in much the same way that Constant Motion was difficult (although this song is not quite as extreme). There are 4 combo breakers, so let's look at each of them one by one. First, in measures 64-65, there is a fast zig-zag pattern that stays on the first 3 frets only momentarily before ascending in quite a complex (but still zig-zag) fashion. This part is 15.9 NPS and will probably require some tapping. The next hard part is in measures 72-74. It begins with a GRY zig-zag pattern much like the first hard part, moves into some very complex ascending and descending patterns, then finally ends with a wall of descending 16th note triplets in 3-note patterns (it should be noted that every one of the "fast" notes in this solo are 16th-note triplet notes, although most are not in the easily recognizable 3-note patterns). This part is the same speed as the first hard part (15.9 NPS) and probably also will require some skilled use of tapping. The next two hard parts are easier than the first two, but are still worth noting. The next one is contained in parts of measures 76 and 77, and consists of a few short runs of 15.9 NPS notes that probably don't need any tapping. The final hard part is thankfully the easiest (but still definitely missable) and consists of the fast 4-note scales in measures 78-79. Although these scales are in 4-note patterns, don't be fooled--they're still 16th-note triplets just like the rest (and thus 15.9 NPS since the tempo is constant throughout the solo). Fortunately, there is nothing even remotely difficult (for an elite player) outside of the guitar solo. First FCed by cirkit on 6/3/2009.

4) Thrasher


While it contains nothing deemed "impossible," this song is an absolute nightmare for most to even 5-star, yet alone FC. As of yet, I still have a 4-star (140k) on this song, my worst single score by far (note: I have 5-starred it now). The song consists almost entirely of fast strumming parts at about 13.9 NPS, though it sometimes drops to 13.8 NPS (the tempo moves a lot, but not by much). The two solos both have shredding at the same speed as the strumming (13.9 NPS). However, the first one is much more difficult than the second due to the finger-twisting patterns in it. The second solo is just as fast, but it has mostly simple patterns. I think that several people are actually capable of FCing this song; it's just a matter of being extremely consistent and, most importantly, defeating the strum limit (which WILL affect you in this song, just not quite as much as in the uber-fast strumming parts). First FCed by ukog-monkey on 6/15/2009.[u][/u]

6) Hell Hole


This surprise entry is a classic example of a mostly easy song with one hard part, that hard part usually being the solo. Well, it is no surprise that the solo is the hard part of this song. It starts off with some grace notes (all going into long notes, nothing insane/Whole Lotta Rosie-esque), then proceeds with some easy hammer-ons and whatnot. After that comes the hardest part: a long strumming section (with some hammer-ons) that ranges from 11.5-11.7 NPS. The section consists entirely of 8th-note triplets and last for 7.75 measures. While it is primarily a strumming section and does contain long streaks, it also contains a few long-ish chains of hammer-ons for you to utilize. The tricky thing about the section is that while it's not that fast, it's fast enough to force you to alternate strum (unless you have godly single strumming speed and endurance), and while the rhythm is simple and constant, the fret changes are not. When you get through that part, you have a few seconds of easy notes again before another part of similar difficulty (though much shorter) hits you. It has the same rhythm of the previous part and a constant speed of 11.6 NPS. It starts off with a pattern that is very reminiscent of Through the Fire and Flames's intro. After about a measure of this pattern, you get half of a measure of the kind of strumming that you saw in the previous part, although there are a lot of easily usable hammer-ons, since it most closely resembles the long-ish hammer-on chains rather than the fret-changing strumming streaks. First FCed by southparkhero on 8/12/2009.

5) Aesthetics of Hate


I struggled to decide whether or not this is harder than Green Grass and High Tides. I decided that it is because of the overall greater difficulty of this song. There is more than one really hard part in Aesthetics of Hate. In fact, there are many tough parts. First of all, right near the beginning of the song, there is a 14 NPS BO trill. Shortly afterward, you have to play a tricky strumming pattern on G, which is about 13.7 NPS. Then, the pattern repeats, and you have to play both of those parts again. The trill is the same, but on the second run of the fast G strumming there are wild tempo fluctuations. The speed of the strumming ranges from 13.4 NPS at its slowest to 14.8 NPS at its fastest, which is enough to make the strum limit a factor. The next tricky part, which really isn't all that bad, is the annoying strumfest of a solo. After the solo is the part everybody dreads: the two fast strumming sections. Bridge 2a, which immediately follows the solo, is the first of these. It consists of strumming at about 15 NPS for 8 measures with occasional on-beat fret changes. The speed fluctuates a little, dropping as low as 14.6 NPS two measures from the end and reaching its max of 15.1 NPS in the last measure. The second fast strumming section is the end of bridge 2b, which contains two measures of 16th notes. The first measure is 14.67 NPS, while the second drops slightly to 14.467 NPS. Obviously, the strum limit is a huge factor that will make FCing the bridge parts extremely hard. Luckily, there isn't really anything hard afterward though, so chokes are unlikely (although most would call missing in bridge 2b a choke simply because it's shorter and therefore easier than bridge 2a). ukog-monkey has choked this song several times. First FCed by Orson on 9/27/2009.

3) My Last Words


This song is notorious for its near-impossible fast strumming, but luckily, it's actually pretty easy outside of that part (for a Megadeth song at least). The riffs are tricky, but they're not THAT bad. However, right before the tough solo, you're hit with 4 bursts of strumming at 16.5 NPS. After the solo, you have to hit 13 more bursts of fast strumming. However, the good news is that the speed is "only" 15 NPS now thanks to a slight relaxation in tempo. Even when you've hit that 13th burst, it's not over yet: the bursts are followed by a VERY chokeable outro. It's really just 2 measures of hammer-ons at 11.4 NPS, but it's still very possible to mess up here if you aren't expecting it. Basically, if you are going for this FC, make sure that you are familiar with that fill so that it doesn't suprise you at the end. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 10/8/2009.

4) Icky Thump


This song has 5 solos, most of which are actually synthesizer stuff and 2 of which make the song very difficult to FC. The first solo (which introduces the song) is nothing to worry about, but the second solo (gtr lead 1) contains several quick bursts of notes at speeds of up to 19 NPS (this is the speed of the first fast BO trill, the one in measure 29). Shortly after this comes the third solo (gtr lead 2), which is similar in speed but with even wonkier patterns (think Jordan Solo B sped up, albeit only very short bursts of it). The fourth and fifth solos are thankfully not comparable to the second and third, and the stuff in between the solos is mindlessly easy. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 11/18/2009.

4) Refugee (Live)


This is a classic example of a "one hard part" song. The song has 4 solos but is very tame up outside of one part: solo 4a. Solo 4a starts out with a slow but strange zig-zag-esque pattern, then speeds up significantly culminating in a YBY GRG YBY pattern at approximately 14.23 NPS (this is the average speed of that part since the notes are not evenly spaced). Most of the difficulty of this section simply comes from the fact that it is live soloing that makes little sense rhythmically. First FCed by ukog-monkey on 12/1/2009.

4) Five Magics


Aside from the moderately tricky intro riff, this song starts out very slow. Once the song builds up though, there are a LOT of solos (6 to be exact), and all of them are at least a little bit hard. The first 3 aren't so troublesome to potential FCers, but the last 3 deserve mention. The fourth solo is (like the 3 before it) very short, but it consists basically entirely of some seriously fast shredding, starting at 16.3 NPS and increasing slightly to 16.53 NPS in the second measure (the solo is about two measures long). The fifth solo contains some more shredding but at a slower tempo; this time the speed is (on average, not all notes are evenly spaced) 13.74 NPS in the fast parts. After this there is a relatively long period of no soloing, with nothing really worth mentioning besides a somewhat tricky strumming riff right before the 6th solo (this should not be a problem for someone coming into it with an FC though). The 6th solo (which is the outro) is mostly slower (11-12 NPS) shredding but it has a few bursts of higher speed, including a quick 17.54 NPS descend at measure 192 and a random 23.24 NPS YBY in measure 195. First FCed by JPrez44 on 2/28/2010.

5) Hangar 18


In a nutshell, this song is 8 solos (well, it's really 11 but there are 8 blue sections in the chart) with easy riffs interspersed between them. What makes this song hard is not any one individual part, but the sheer volume of tough solos that are thrown at you. Let's take a look at each one. Solo 1 (which is actually 2 guitar solos put together) is mostly just a few moderately fast hammer-ons (about 10.6 NPS). The one thing to watch for here is the 21.33 NPS hook in measure 62 (the BOB). Solo 2 (actually 3 different guitar solos mashed into one blue section) is easy during the first 2 solos, and the third one starts off slow as well (just watch the trills, which though slow may be uncomfortable at first). However, near the end it gets a little bit tricky and there's another super-fast hook in here (22.6 NPS RYRG in measure 122). From here on out by the way, every blue section actually represents just one guitar solo. In solo 3, we start to see the hammer-ons get a little tougher due to the presence of many bursts that are all approximately 15 NPS. The worst of these is in measure 134, which is really more of a quick run than a burst. Solo 4 consists of some unusual strumming/fretting patterns at 12.1 NPS. Solo 5 is one of the easier ones; nothing to worry about here outside of some 12.2 NPS fretting at the end, which itself is probably nothing to worry about if you're good enough to FC this. Solo 6 has some fairly tough fretting patterns (with a few non-random strums thrown in as well) at about 12.7 NPS, with the faster bursts being about 16.9 NPS (not exact because of varying tempo). Solo 7 is even harder than solo 6, because the tempo of the song continues to increase and we're seeing harder patterns than before. The first hard part of solo 7 is a 17.33 NPS hook leading into a 13 NPS BO trill. This is followed by what looks like a clusterfuck (though it's actually only 13.2 NPS). This part is very tricky, containing a chimney pattern and some other seemingly random notes. Solo 8 is the final guitar solo (the 11th one actually), and it's not going to let you off easy. The first half of the solo is a bunch of 13.2 NPS scales, though the pattern is not quite as simple as you might expect (there are a few strums and some unevenly spaced notes), making this section fairly difficult. The second half of the solo contains 12.8 NPS strumming, which is not too difficult to manage (just watch for the blue note in the middle of the long streak--if you are not using any hammer-ons and starting the streak on a downstrum, the blue is on an upstrum). If you make it past the last solo, you're pretty much home free; all you have to is play the main riff one more time. As you can see no one part in the song is incredibly difficult to hit individually, but taken all together, they add up to one very very hard song. It will take a lot of consistency for somebody to FC this song. First FCed by degreen11 on 2/24/2010.

4) Five Magics


Aside from the moderately tricky intro riff, this song starts out very slow. Once the song builds up though, there are a LOT of solos (6 to be exact), and all of them are at least a little bit hard. The first 3 aren't so troublesome to potential FCers, but the last 3 deserve mention. The fourth solo is (like the 3 before it) very short, but it consists basically entirely of some seriously fast shredding, starting at 16.3 NPS and increasing slightly to 16.53 NPS in the second measure (the solo is about two measures long). The fifth solo contains some more shredding but at a slower tempo; this time the speed is (on average, not all notes are evenly spaced) 13.74 NPS in the fast parts. After this there is a relatively long period of no soloing, with nothing really worth mentioning besides a somewhat tricky strumming riff right before the 6th solo (this should not be a problem for someone coming into it with an FC though). The 6th solo (which is the outro) is mostly slower (11-12 NPS) shredding but it has a few bursts of higher speed, including a quick 17.54 NPS descend at measure 192 and a random 23.24 NPS YBY in measure 195. First FCed by JPrez44 on 2/28/2010.

5) Spanish Castle Magic


This is a song that you may not have expected to make the list based on it's charting in previous games (see Guitar Hero 1). However, this chart unexpectedly contains a 13.47 NPS R-RY-RY strumming sequence that is quite confusing at first and very difficult to hit. It is pretty much the only hard part in the song though (just make sure you're comfortable with the end of the second solo, which might be a little tricky at first) so an FC of this shouldn't take too long. First FCed by ProfessorJoe on 4/7/2010.

4) You Got Me Floatin'


This song has two notable hard sections: the first solo and the outro. Just to get it out of the way, the second solo (in the "verse 3" section) contains nothing hard (just watch the random strums). The first solo (in the "bridge B" and "chorus 3" sections) contains a lot of tricky parts, most of them made tricky by the placing of random strums (there are a few fast-ish hooks too). Basically be prepared to strum a lot of notes that you really shouldn't have to. There is also a very fucked up (notes are very VERY uneven) YB trill spanning measures 55 and 56. Following this is a BO trill, all of which the game demands you strum except for one of the blues (remember what I said about random strums?). After you get past the tricky first solo and the easy second solo, you must play the outro...which is a nightmare. Imagine the Ramblin' Man swing, but way WAY faster. The notes/chords that you're playing are also constantly changing. Timing window abuse (not observing the swing basically) can help here, but it's still extremely hard. First FCed by ProfessorJoe on 4/7/2010.

4) Bold as Love


This is a song that gets progressively harder as it goes on. There is a small bit of difficulty before the solos, some harder parts in the first solo, and finally some even harder parts in the second solo. The pre-solo parts of the song are not really notable, though they will probably mess you up on a sightread (random strums and whatnot). The first solo starts with a random strum scale. It's not too fast, but the fact that you have to strum it makes it missable. The next part to watch for in this solo is the GR grace note pattern about halfway through in which the RED is the strum note. Don't ask me why any sane person would chart it with the strum on the wrong note, but they did and you have to play it. Also just be wary of random strums in general; there's a lot of them (though most of them are fairly easy to handle). At the end of the first solo there's a quick little BO trill followed by some grace notes (charted correctly this time) and some scales; this part shouldn't be too difficult though (just be ready for it). After the first solo there is a short drum solo (guitar gets a break), then there's the hardest part of the song: the second solo. The first half of it is actually very easy; just watch the random strums as always. The first part to really watch for comes a little over halfway into the solo--some 12.08 NPS (approximate because of uneven note spacing) ascending triplets. After this you enter random strum city, where you will encounter several scales of strum notes that will make you think you're playing Guitar Hero 1. The last of these even throws a few chords and a single hammer-on in there to really fuck you up. After you get past this, there is a short 14.4 NPS BO trill leading into a BO chord to worry about. Thankfully the song ends just a few easy notes after the trill. First FCed by sean2490 on 4/10/2010.

3) East Jesus Nowhere


This song is here for one reason and one reason alone: the bridge section. I'm not going to waste time telling you about the rest of the song, because it's as ridiculously easy as you should expect a Green Day guitar part to be. Anyway, as for the bridge: it consists of a whopping 16 measures of straight tremolo picking. Every note is a 16th note triplet, and the speed of section fluctuates quite a bit, beginning at 14.9 NPS, maxxing at 15.5 NPS (on the last two beats; tempo = 155 BPM), and dropping as low as 14.7 NPS (on some random blues in the middle; tempo = 147 BPM). I will not waste my time writing out every single speed change (you can look at the chart yourself if you must know this), but know that there is at least one per measure; two in some measures. Some are mild, 1 BPM changes, but others are more dramatic 5-6 BPM changes. Thankfully; there is nothing at all difficult after the bridge; just some easy holds and some more strumming that is rhythmically exactly half the speed of the bridge (8th note triplets as opposed to the 16th note variety found in the bridge). Obviously, the strum limit factors heavily into this song or it would have been FCed already...however, it will also take some decent endurance to FC this song, considering that the strumming speed must be sustained for 16 measures. ukog-monkey has FCed the strumming section.


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