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Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitars Hardware Modifications Category

Below is a list of hardware modifications relevant to Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Guitar Modding 101

Custom Paint Jobs

User_BriGuy BriGuy's mods:
"The One" - Stratocaster/Les Paul/Les Paul Hybrid Guitar
Stratocaster - Solo button swap selector switch
Stratocaster - Mute button for song selection screen
Strum bar wiggle fix
Limp whammy bar fix
Rock Band drum mat and anchor

Convertables10's mods:
double neck stratocaster

Born2Bounce's mods:
double neck SG
Xbox360 SG
double neck X-plorer (WIP)
purple SG and Les Paul

User_Slagr Slagr's mods:
double neck Les Paul/RO wireless (WIP)
infinite batteries (WIP)

Jcstahl1's mods:
360 SG

Category: CategoryHardwareModifications

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