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Children Of Boredom

(WIKI) Alexrose & DanSoup (WIKI)

Wii Co-Op Team

The Beginning

Children Of Boredom is a Wii co-op team consisting of Alexrose and Dan Soup. The name comes from Alexrose's band name on Guitar Hero: World Tour. It is inspired by the band, Children of Bodom. They resemble Children of Bodom very closely, for instance, both bands are millionaires, have legions of fans, and have a guitarist with "Alex" in their first name. The conversation to get their name went like this:

Dan Soup: So, are we going to think of a team name?
Alexrose: children of boredom
Dan Soup: \(_o)/
Alexrose: ?
Dan Soup: I don't mind
Dan Soup: I'm happy with that

Children Of Boredom play GH3 and World Tour. They may play Aerosmith, Metallica and Rock Band 2 in the future. In GH3, Alex and Dan Soup swap guitar and bass/rhythm every three songs (theoretically). In GH:WT, Dan Soup is the unofficial bass player and Alex plays guitar (although Alex prefers GH3 and won't let Dan play WT >_>).

They also occasionally play battle, and Alex always wins. Always. Disclaimer: He has won 6 out of 13



Alexrose: You fced pride and joy yet?
Dan Soup: Nah
Alexrose: First one to do it wins at life
Alexrose: 321go
Alexrose: You readeh?!
Dan Soup: OK

20 minutes later

Alexrose: FC!
Alexrose: I WIN AT LIFE
Dan Soup: Thank fuck for that
Alexrose: XD
Dan Soup: I don't have to play it anymore


Dan Soup: Story of my Life can go fuck itself


However, to be fair, Dansoup did 5* ttfaf today and Alexrose has only 4*ed it.


We'll probably start adding scores when we co-op FC something. We haven't done so yet because Alex keeps choking... like on Lay Down guitar... right at the end. >_>

Although that may have been due to his crap guitar, which has been renowned in ruining fcs in the past (e.g. city on flames; but Dan choked that too anyway (due to facepalming when Alex choked.)).

Future Prospects

Alexrose: JA JA

When Guitar Hero: Dragonforce comes out, Dansoup and Alexrose will play for 192 hours straight, Dansoup on Bass, Alexrose on voxtar and Hellashes on drums, until they have fced every song in the game optimally. (We're actually thinking of kicking HellAshes out, since he's been letting us down recently and Dan's been having to Bassdrum. Basically, that means Dan plays the drums with his feet and the guitar with his hands, and Hellashes does the bass pedal.)


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