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A choke is when a player has a full combo run of a song, then either misses one of the last remaining notes or a note in an easy part of a song or overstrums after a difficult or challenging part of the song. One of the most memorable chokes in ScoreHero history is when User_HellAshes HellAshes missed the Blue Note of Freedom after FCing Solos B and C of Song_GH2_Jordan Jordan.

Other examples include User_KingOfTerrors KingofTerrors Freebird FC choke, numerous Jameslikecoulter FC chokes, User_Fug Fug's Seventeen and Texas Flood chokes, and User_Jprez44 Jprez44's recent TTFAF solo and One choke.

A reverse choke is, unsurprisingly, the inverse: when someone misses or overstrums in an easy section, then later full combos a difficult part of the song.

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