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This refers to a PermaRocker whose banner has been changed back to normal instead of the 'permanent' Rocker banner. When said user's banner has been changed back, they are said to have been "De-PermaRockered". PermaRockers are De-PermaRockered by abiding by the rules, posting with thought and intelligence, and consistently illustrating excellent forum use.

This means, obviously, that the title of "PermaRocker" is misleading and inaccurate, to some degree. A PermaRocker isn't necessarily a Rocker permanently, more like temporarily with a slight twist. The temporary Rockering ends when the staff feels that said Rocker deserves to be De-PermaRockered, generally by demonstrating qualities mentioned in the above paragraph.

Although many seem to forget this, a PermaRocker can always get their banner back.

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