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FC Statistics

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AWESOME job on this, Deimos! This will be a lot better than your sticky in the TSG Forum, with the auto-updating and all. :D
-- TheThirdDay (2008-10-20 14:28:28)
I hate to be picky seeing as how this is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen in regards to making my Guitar Hero life easier, but would it be possible to add a column saying what game each song is from to the all game list?

Whenever I feel like going on an FC-spree, I just go down the list and basically play the songs in the order they're on the list, and it can be hard to remember what game everything's from sometimes. I guess it would also help for songs that are on multiple games too (GH1 songs as GH2 DLC, overlapping songs in GH:OT and other games, etc.)

Again, this is probably the greatest page I have ever seen on the internet, it's awesome. Great work!
-- swordchucks4life (2008-10-21 00:16:27)
your my favorite! your old one helped me get many many FCs! rather then randomly trying to FC songs in order of tiers (often very very wrong) saw that you are going to do Rock Band soon! can't wait as i have been looking around for rock band FC Breakdown threads and have only found one for XGuitar and XBass...most of which dont include DLC. but there is no Vox one because Vox is so subjective. but a percent idea like this would give me a rough estimate for what to try for next!

Also, would it be possible to check by console (in the case of XVox because many talkies in 360 are broken and not as many in PS2) a song might be weighted too low if its an easy FC on PS2 but very difficult due to the broken talky on 360. just another thought.

thanks again!
-- tehminky (2008-11-03 02:07:27)
So... any word on a RB version of this, I know that we don't have FC tracking, but 100% tracking for single instruments would be awesome!
-- IWillKickU (2008-12-15 14:22:49)
-- brandonbb13 (2008-12-16 22:21:21)
This is absoloutly fantastic, great for planning what songs to FC.

Would it be possible to be able to sort the tables, such as by the number of people who've FCd it rather than the percetage?
-- DanSoup (2008-12-20 16:48:11)
i think your she builds quick machines stats are bugged, there's more than 9 fcs
-- donovan3995 (2009-01-06 01:44:02)
Thank you SO much for this! Any chance of enabling it for GHWT? There is a page for it but no data is being imported. Probably b/c NS's have not been confirmed and therefore the best we could do is 100% runs not FC runs. That would be nice to have.
-- thundrchickn (2009-01-06 19:58:32)
donovan3995: I just checked the lists, and it says that there are 9 FCs of SBQM on medium (29 on expert).
-- ManfredvonKarma (2009-01-06 23:06:47)
Xbox 360 exclusives included the Trooper and Salvation
-- shooter21198 (2009-01-07 17:10:29)
How funny is it that I'm only missing the 10 hardest FCs on GH2.......
-- UndeadFil13QC (2009-01-27 16:06:08)
Hey, I found another bug on your FC statistics that you should fix. The Metallica DLC FC count needs to be manually counted on EASY & HARD...
-- donovan3995 (2009-04-25 08:43:38)
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