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Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster controller and its real life counterpart. (Scaled)

The Fender Stratocaster is the official guitar controller for Game_RockBand Rock Band and Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2. It has been released for all consoles supported in the Rock Band series.

All Stratocasters feature two sets of five frets - one for normal play, and one higher up the neck for solos. When in a solo or big rock ending, one can tap notes on the solo frets without having to strum; outside of a solo, both sets of frets act the same way. There is also an effects switch added to the guitar, which can modify the guitar's sound in-game during solos or while overdrive is activated. It also has the standard tilt activation, whammy bar, strum bar, and start/select buttons.

The Rock Band 2 version of the Strat has several improvements. Besides some minor hardware alterations, it is a wireless controller. It has a new feature is auto-calibration for lag, which is only present with the newest Stratocaster in Rock Band 2. It also has a port into which one can hook their drum pedal for star power activation and a raised rim around the start button to prevent accidental pausing. The Strat that was released as a stand-alone guitar has a sunburst finish while the Strat that comes with the bundle has the standard black finish. Both versions of the new Strat have a feux rosewood fretboard and a feux wood headstock.

Although all of the Stratocasters look pretty much the same from the outside, there have been many hardware revisions that have wildly different construction and components. For instance, there are at least 5 different variations on the strumming mechanism.
This link outlines most of the major differences between the models including detailed pictures of both the Rock Band 1 and 2 Stratocasters:


RB1 Black Stratocaster


RB2 Black (w/Rosewood Fretboard) Bundle Stratocaster

Released with the Special Edition Bundle

RB2 Sunburst Stand-Alone Stratocaster

Released as a stand-alone guitar

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