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Rock Band Drums: Front End Squeezing

In order to understand Front End Squeezing for Rock Band Drums, you first must have a basic understanding of Overdrive and it's effects. If you do not have a fundamental knowledge of Overdrive, you can most likely find a topic on the Scorehero Wiki explaining it for you!

Front End Squeezing is an advanced technique used to squeeze extra points out of a song to get a higher score than one normally would. Front end squeezing involves hitting the green crash (or red for you lefties) a little early at the end of a drum fill and then hitting the last note that would normally be covered up by the fill very quickly and getting points for the note under overdrive. For each note squeezed you will receive 200 points. Please note that when I say each note, I am not referring to many separate notes you can hit per squeeze, but rather if you have a Bass Pedal note on top of a Green Note, that counts as two notes on drums, so if squeezed properly, you will receive 400 points.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, "Well if I can't see the note, then how am I supposed to know what notes to hit?". Well, thanks to the hardwork and dedication of our fellow Scorehero members, all Rock Band expert drums Front End Squeezing notes can be found here in the overdrive charts. Most Rock Band 2 squeezed notes can be found among the work in progress overdrive charts here.

When combined with Back End Squeezing, these two techniques can provide a substantial amount of extra points boosting you up above the normal score that can be achieved just using a correct overdrive path and having an FC run.

Poor Man's Squeeze

One variant of front-end squeezing that can be used by people having trouble of getting the timing down is the poor man's squeeze. Say you have a squeeze Y-G-O. The classic front-end squeeze would require hitting the green slightly early, then hitting Y-G-O. However you can get most of the points by simply hitting Y-G-O at the end of the fill and ignoring the extra green. Most people know that you can usually hit the bass note at the same time as green and not break combo, and this is the same principle, but playing all applicable notes at the same time. In theory for a song with no G-O squeezes you can achieve optimal score (from a front-end perspective) without doing a single "proper" front-end squeeze. The only points you miss are due to the extra greens.

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