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Gallops are series of 3 of the same note in a row, named as such because they sound like a horse gallop. A gallop consists of two 16th notes followed by an 8th note.

A typical example of a gallop sequence might look something like this:
texttexttext texttexttext texttexttext texttexttext


One method of hitting gallops is to downstrum each note. Downstrumming usually occurs in Song_GH3_Barracuda Barracuda's main riff.

Alt-strumming (DUD, UDU, DUD)
Another common way to hit it is to alt-strum; strumming down-up-down, up-down-up, down-up-down etc. This is often used for faster gallops such as Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood (Hard Rain) but is hard to get enough control to avoid strumming in breaks for some people. The huge time window of Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero 3 can sometimes register the next note instead of overstrumming in fast sequences if you accidently strum in between the gallops.

Alt-strumming (DUD, DUD, DUD)
This method is similar to the previous method. The only thing that separates them is that with this method you are strumming down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down etc.

Songs that contain gallops

Song_GH3_Barracuda Barracuda - Various sections
Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood - Hard Rain
Song_GH3_TheDevilWentDownToGeorgia The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Bridge
Song_GH3_KnightsOfCydonia Knights of Cydonia - Enduring Solitude [Only on bass]
Song_GH2_Thunderhorse Thunderhorse - (need title of part)
Song_GH2_TheTrooper The Trooper - Verse 2
Song_RB_RunToTheHills Run to the Hills - Verses on guitar, nearly entire song on bass
Song_RB2_Battery Battery - Verses and Choruses
Song_GH1_BarkAtTheMoon Bark at the Moon - Verses
Song_GHOTD_ICantDrive55 I Can't Drive 55 (Rhythm) - Most of the Song except for the Choruses

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