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Scorehero Listing Guide

Scorehero's listings are a place to find people to with which to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. You can either choose to list yourself as for hire, or search the current listings for people who can join your band. Once compatible members have found each other, they need only get in contact with each other (through forum private messages or other means as available) to form a band online.

Manage Your Listings

On this page, you can edit your own personal listings.

You are allowed one listing per instrument. By clicking on the "Edit" link next to each instrument, you can specify what games, platforms, difficulties, and play types you are available for that instrument.

Each player is given a small information box to enter in any details that are not captured from the basic information. For example, if you have particular hours you want to play during, this box would be a good spot to inform other users of this information.

Browse Listings

This page can be used to find all the listings for a particular user. Simply enter (or find) the name of the user, submit, and it will take you to that user's listing information. Once the user's listings are brought up, the navigation will add entries for you to find out more about the user or to get in contact with them.

Find Bandmates

The meat of Scorehero listings, this page allows you to query all the listings for just the right band member.

By default, all listings are shown. You can then narrow your search by checking the appropriate checkboxes, either on instrument, game, platform, difficulty, or play type.

Once you've found a potential bandmate, you can either view all their listing information, their forum profile (which gives quick links to all their posts and scores), or message the user via the forums.

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