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Guitar Duels were a new addition with the release of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, and continued on Guitar Hero: On Tour, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, and Guitar Hero World Tour. They require the player to beat an opponent by making them fail first, or in Guitar Hero On Tour titles, end with the most points. In Guitar Hero 3, Guitar duels can be played on multiplayer quickplay, or against certain characters in solo career, which become unlocked if they are beat. In the Guitar Hero On Tour titles, guitar battles unlock songs if all of them are beat, and are a part of solo carrer mode in Guitar Hero On Tour Decades. To gain battle powers, players must hit special notes perfectly, just like getting star power. To use a battle item, players must tilt the guitar upwards, or, on a standard controller, press any direction on the D pad (Console guitar heros only), or, in Guitar Hero On Tour titles, just tap the battle icon.
The following is a list of battle items and their effects.
Guitar Hero 3:
* Sudden death is when neither player fails before the song ends.

Guitar Hero On Tour and Guitar Hero On Tour Decades:

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