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Guitar Grip

Guitar Grip
The Guitar Grip with the strap detached

The Guitar Grip is the official peripheral of Game_GuitarHeroOnTour Guitar Hero: On Tour and Game_GuitarHeroOnTourDecades Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades. It fits into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot on the Nintendo DS and serves as the fret buttons for the game. It only has four fret buttons making On Tour the first Guitar Hero game to only feature four frets instead of the regular five. It is designed for the DS Lite, however there is a small adapter that can be taken out to allow it fit on the old Nintendo DS. It has a strap on the back to help you to hold the DS while playing. The special pick-shaped stylus is used to strum against the touchscreen as the "strum bar" for On Tour. The Guitar Grip is the first official peripheral to not be modeled after a guitar.

The new Nintendo DSi will not feature a Game Boy Advance cartridge slot; thus, the Guitar Grip - and Guitar Hero: On Tour - will not be compatible with it.

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