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ION Drum Rocker

The Ion Drum Rocker is a premium electronic drum set available in stores and on the official website. The Xbox 360 version is available online and in stores now. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 versions are currently open for pre-orders (See list of retailers below). The Nintendo Wii version is currently in development and is expected in 2009. The Ion DrumRocker is compatible with Rock Band and Rock Band 2, and is also compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour and (tentatively) Guitar Hero: Metallica. The MSRP of the Ion Drum Rocker kit is USD $299.99 and went on sale a few days before the release of Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360, September 19, 2008.


The Ion Drum Rocker ships with:


The Ion Drum Rocker has many features that were a great improvement over the standard Rock Band 1 kit.


A number of accessories are sold on

Third-party Addons

A number of third-party accessories as well as real electronic pads and cymbals have been reported by some users to work with the Ion Xbox 360 controller module without modification. Know of another accessory/drum that works with the Ion kit and isn't listed here? Post here and let us know!

Authorized Retailers

Some retail stores are currently selling the ION Drum Rocker online and in stores.
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