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ScoreHero IRC

Channel Info

Server: (List of alternate GameSurge servers)
Channel: #scorehero
Channel statistics: Stats page
(optional) Create an account on
(optional) Verify your email and take note of your password

Instructions for Joining

To connect to an IRC server, you will first need an IRC client. Below is a list of basic instructions for various IRC clients.


  1. Download and install mIRC from
  2. Run mIRC and type the following command:
  3. /server

    Once you are connected, if you completed the registration step from above, type the following command (replacing "username" and "password" with your values)
    /authserv auth username password

    You should get an automatic response indicating "-AuthServ- I recognize you."

    Then to actually join the channel, type:
    /join #scorehero


Download available here
  1. choose Accounts / Manage Accounts
  2. click "Add"

All fields may be left with default values unless noted below
Basic Tab
  1. Protocol: select IRC
  2. Username: your desired username
  3. Server:
Advanced Tab
IRC Options
  1. Auth name: <your_optional_gamesurge_account_name>
  2. Nick password: <your_optional_gamesurge_password>

Upon connecting, a "Message of the Day" window should pop up from the server. You can type
/join #scorehero
in that chatbox to jump right in, or you may wish to add the channel as a clickable "saved chat".

Adding a saved chat
From the main pidgin "buddy list" window,
  1. Select Buddies/Add Chat in the menu list at the top
  2. Account: select the IRC account you just created
  3. Channel: #scorehero
  4. Group: one of your buddy list groups. I made one called "IRC channels"
  5. Autojoin (check or uncheck as per your preference)
  6. Click "Add"

Now #scorehero will show up in your buddies list, under the group you defined above. Double-click to join.

Colloquy (Mac OSX IRC Client)

  1. Download Colloquy from here.
  2. Unarchive it and add it to the Applications folder
  3. After opening up the application, click Window -> Connections and click on "New".
  4. Add you nickname, the type (IRC), and as the server.
  5. To add your GameSurge account information, pull the 'Details' dropdown, and add your GS account name and password, and the rooms you'd like to join on connection.

ChatZilla (Firefox Add-on)

  1. Add to Firefox from here
  2. Once added (you will need to restart Firefox), go to Tools -> ChatZilla
  3. Type the following commands:
  4. /server

    Once you are connected, if you completed the registration step from above, type the following command (replacing "username" and "password" with your values)
    /authserv auth username password

    You should get an automatic response indicating "from (AuthServ) I recognize you."

    Then to actually join the channel, type:
    /join #scorehero

  5. To automatically join the server or the scorehero channel when ChatZilla is opened, right click on the tab and select "Open this network/channel at startup"


The official rules can be found at this page. The rules listed here are current as of November 29, 2008.


- If you violate any of these rules, once or repeatedly, expect a devoice (timeout), kick or a kick-ban.
We are PRIVILEGED to have employees from Neversoft and Harmonix sometimes participating in the chat. Treat them with maturity and respect. They will NOT disseminate any information about games in the chat that hasn't already been publicly released elsewhere. Any sort of harassment for leaks or information, JOKING OR NOT, WILL result in a swift punishment - either a timeout or permanent ban. This includes sending private messages asking for classified information - you will be quickly reported to the staff and punished.-

1. Absolutely NO flaming whatsoever.
- We don't care what it is, if you call someone a derogatory name or flame an achievement, expect to be dealt with swiftly, and usually severely.

2. No spamming the channel. - Updated 2/09/08
- The considerate limit for consecutive lines from one user in IRC is 4, with very few exceptions. If you feel it necessary to repeat yourself, go "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" on one line rather than five "OMG"s on five lines, you get the idea. Expect a devoice (timeout) or a kick if you spam the channel. Expect the same if you abuse the CAPS lock. Expect the same if you repeatedly change your IRC nickname in an annoying fashion.
- There is not always active conversation in the channel. Do not fill the void with "it's quiet" "I'm bored" "someone talk" or anything of the like. You're on the Internet. If you're bored, you're not trying hard enough, and this channel does not exist for your personal entertainment. If you're drunk and typing every thought that pops into your mind into the channel, we will remove your ability to do so.
- Intentionally spelling words wrong, interjecting with "inb4," "lrn2," "wat"-type chat will be considered spamming since it possesses no value in the channel. Expect a devoice (timeout), temp-ban or perma-ban depending on how persistently annoying you are. If you wish to act like an illiterate child, there are plenty of other forums and IRC channels for you to do so, not ours.

3. No auto-triggering scripts, colors, bold/underline text use.
- If you're saying something interesting, that'll distinguish you enough. If you manually trigger an AMIP or 'Now Playing' script once or twice, very, VERY rarely, that's not a huge deal, but only if you find it relevant to conversation. Abuse this and expect to be dealt with swiftly, usually a warning, devoice (timeout), then kick-ban.
- Do not CTCP ping, version, time or finger any users in the channel. Do not send a channel-wide notice at any time, for any reason. If a user notifies a channel op of someone doing this, penalties will be the same as above. - clarified 12/03/07

4. Absolutely no links or discussion to pornography or shock sites.
- Self-explanatory. If something's really funny, and *slightly* NSFW (we're talking PG-13 here), tag it with 'NSFW.' Use your good sense. Post anything disgusting, period (and yes, that's entirely subjective and up to us) and expect a kick-ban. Post anything from a site that contains horribly offensive content and expect a kick-ban. If you want to share these links, go elsewhere.

5. Absolutely no racism or political/religious/sexual harassment.
- Racism isn't funny, especially in a channel of 100+ users you likely don't know in real life. Sorry, it just isn't.
- We don't care about political or religious debates, just remember everyone is entitled to their own, equal opinion, don't flame, etc. Be civil and friendly.
- Calling things 'gay' isn't funny. Subsequently, you'll be penalized. Lame? Sorry, like it or leave.

6. Confine personal issues/questions with staff members to an IRC PM.
- If you wish to discuss a staff member's decision on the forums, please keep it out of the main channel and confine it to a PM with a staff member.
- *UPDATED* If you have questions regarding a ban, contact Please do not come into #scorehero and ask why you're banned. Bothering other users with this never helps your case.

7. Fake Score Reports, Forum Incident Reports - Updated 2/09/08
- If you suspect fake scores from someone on the website, or notice an incident or issue in the forums, you are allowed to alert the staff in #scorehero so that it may be dealt with accordingly. Please do this by private messaging the user 'SH-Bot.' Include ONLY the URL and a sentence to describe the infraction, all on ONE line. Example: "*url* TTFAF fake score."
- Please keep accusations out of the main chat - if your hunch isn't right and you keep it to a PM instead, you'll have offended nobody. Don't worry about the !last5 recent scores trigger if you suspect fakes, mods will handle it. If you wish to point out an obvious fake with a "ROFL" or something of that ilk, feel free, but it isn't encouraged.

A note about bans - most IRC bans here are permanent. Use of #scorehero is a privilege, not an entitlement. All bans are NOT the result of one small action or one staff member's opinions, rather, they are results of cumulative offenses and annoyances and are always discussed by the staff beforehand. If it's one offense that requires your removal from the channel, it is typically a temporary ban. If you wish to contest your ban, PM an admin or moderator on ScoreHero. Do not attempt to circumvent or evade the ban; if you do so, it becomes permanent.

Unofficial Rules
It should be noted that there is, by popular agreement, an unofficial rule.
1. All users eating pizza must change their nick to "<nick>|PIZZA". for example, SH-Bot, while enjoying a slice of Chicago-style deep-dish, would have to change its nick to "SH-Bot|PIZZA"
a. The exception is Piso, who has to change his nick to "PIZZO"

Additional Information

For more information on IRC in general, please visit the Wikipedia page on IRC.

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