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The Kicky Wiki Rock Band Rivalry

 1. Rules 
 2. Scoreboard 
 3. IWillKickU 
 4. Blackhawk12 
 5. cdylan13 
 6. Silly 
 7. sukergod 
 8. meister 
 9. NYVideoGameFreak 
The Kicky Wiki Rock Band Rivalry is IWillKickU's attempt to utilize the Wiki in new and exciting ways. A while back someone mentioned using the wiki for rivalries, and I thought that it was a great idea. This will be a Rock Band Rivalry, most likely using Expert Guitar. I don't know if it will be RB1, RB2, or both, and I don't know if we'll include DLC. I'll wait until people have expressed interest, and then we'll base the rules around members input. I'd like to keep this rivalry going until season 11 of league play starts. But that will all depend on the other members once we get going.

Why use the wiki?

In my past rivalries, I've had a deadline of 12:00 EST on Saturday night to submit scores. The only way for people to submit them was to PM me before the deadline. Sometimes, I was out drinking on Saturday night, and couldn't post all the results until the next morning. Sometimes people would send me scores early, and I'd have to fight my cheating tendancies not to peek at them before the deadline (I never did, but GODDAMN that was a struggle!). This will give every rivalry member their own webpage, in effect to submit your scores. Simply submit your scores in your own section of this page before the deadline. This way everything doesn't have to go through me. Everyone will have thier own section of this page to edit pictures, scores, smacktalk, or whatever else they want to put up here.

What about the forums?

I will be using the forum for sign-ups, but all communication can just go through this page once everyone is given editing permission.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up either by posting in the forum thread, adding a comment here, or PMing me. I'll add you to the ACLs so you can edit your own section of this page. Once you are in, please edit your section with your preferences for this rivalry. eg. RB1, RB2, either, both, All DLC, no DLC, only common DLC.


Rules in black are final, rules in red are proposed.


WEEK 1SevenEye of the TigerGirls not GreyTotal

WEEK 2Flirtin' With DisasterMountain SongThe TreesNightmareTotal

Total ScoreWeek 1Week 2TOTAL

IWillKickU likes Week 2 songs!

Observations on Week 2 before I post scores tonight:

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketMountain Song: 133,770


Blackhawk12's Section

Still don't have RB1, my friend has suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. but I do have the RB2 scores (no pics this week)
Mountain Song: 136,957 I was really close to FC'ing this, but didn't have the time to spend to try for more.
The Trees: 162,335 super crappy one time through run.

ALSO... I would prefer that any DLC be used solely as a side rivalry sort of thing, not counting towards the final score in any way. My parents just cryptically ruled that I will never have XBL, so sucks to be me.... yeah

User_cdylan13 cdylan13's Stuffzorz and Update...zorz

Week 1

February 2nd- Wow these songs are terrible... Girls Not Grey has one of the most annoying guitar chart in Rock Band 2, Eye of the Tiger is a path-fest, and Seven held the position for most annoying chart on Rock Band 1... But I signed up, I'm gonna do 'em :P. I also have no problem keeping those 3 that didn't transport.

February 7th
- Ya sorry IWillKickU but I kinda gave up this week haha. I got too frustrated and I didn't re-download Seven. Here are the two scores I got.

Eye of the Tiger- 135,528
Girl's Not Grey- 170,971
Seven- Zilch

Silly's Section

I'm on dlcquickplay under my xbl gamertag, Loistava - I'll leave here for my DLC list. I'd like to have some DLC involved but am fine with just on-disc songs being played. I'd prefer to play three or four songs per week - one random pick from RB2, one random pick from RB1, one random pick from all commonly owned DLC (if we're playing with DLC), and a pick from any commonly owned song by the previous week's winner.

Addition: I'd rather not play the three non-exportables from RB1. Having to switch discs for the sake of one song per week would just be inconvenient, I can't stand Paranoid as a song and the cover is terrible, and Enter Sandman is boring. /opinion

Week 3:
Electric Version: 179,380
Shoulder to the Plow: 226,380
My Own Worst Enemy: 118,627
Highway Star: 301,640

sukergod's Section

I have my DLC updated to dlcquickplay now as well, under sukergod, here is the link for my complete list. I wouldnt mind DLC as well but Im afraid that alot of the popular difficult songs I dont have. This includes the A7X, SOAD, YM, Thrash pack, and RR songs (besides Slpwkr), I like the groovy older songs more actually. Anways, if we just go with 3 then why doesnt the previous week's winner pick any song, then if thats a RB2 song, then IWKU will randomnly pick 2 songs from the other two categories (RB1 and DLC).
Make sense? I dont have the 3 un-exported songs as well as Testify and Teen-Age Riot both dont work on my disc, so id prefer not to play any of them but if they come its no biggie.

Week 1 scores
Se7en - 314494(100)\1273 <~~~~~~~ I fc'd this a few times and each time I screwed the path up, I cant wammy while AS-ing so this is about as good as it gets.
Eye of the Tiger - 140392(100)\800 <~~~~~~~Could'nt beat my old score
Girls not Grey - 176221(99)\449 <~~~~~~~worst song chart ever!!!!!!!!!!! (Ill FC it later but the hour of playing this was horrible, I actually liked the song before this)

User_meister meister's space

Scores for week 2 so far
Mountain Song- 141624, 99%, 486 note streak
couldn't get the strumming in the solo at all, will need to get lucky to FC this someday
Nightmare- 171467, 100%, 853 note streak
FC, a little under my RB1 score but only by about 100 so its okay
pretty happy with this
Excited for this rivalry

I have all DLC, prefer to not play RHCP songs

NYVideoGameFreak's Section

image is most of my DLC i think i might be missing like 1 or 2 but that is not my Gamertag my Gamertag is GermanFatass218.

Also i have an Idea about the person who wins the choice of 4th song maybe we could just do in a line because we could end up having the same person win the choice.

Week 1
Seven - 234,488
Eye of the Tiger - 120,798
Girls Not Gray - 135,538

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