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Loading Screens

The Guitar Hero and Game_RockBand Rock Band series often include humorous or trivia loading screens. Here is a list of the loading screens from each Guitar Hero and Rock Band game.

Guitar Hero

Left-handed and want to flip the guitar around? Go to Options and turn on Lefty Flip.
Hit 10 notes in a row for a x2 score multiplier. Longer note streaks are rewarded with higher multipliers.
Long notes are worth more the longer you hold them. Keep that fret button held down!
Take a break to rest your hands. Rocking out is hard work!
Wait until you have a x4 multiplier going, and then use Star Power to max out your score.
Star Power can be a life saver! If you're deep in the red use that Star Power to win the crowd back.
Use Star Power to drive the crowd wild. Learn how to control this awesome energy in the Star Power Tutorial.
Buy a second guitar controller and engage your friends in rampaging head-to-head Guitar battles!
Don't let your drummer handle the money.
Don't let your lead singer steal all the attention. Singers are egomaniacs.
They don't really want you to play "Freebird." They're just heckling you.
Don't eat anything that gets tossed onto the stage.
Eleven IS louder than ten.
Always keep an empty bottle in the van. You'll see.
Don't let the drummer have an "extended solo" unless you really have to go to the bathroom.
If anyone insists on wearing a white belt, kick them out of the band.
Don't wear your guitar higher than your belt - you're not in The Beatles.
Don't let the drummer have a microphone. It'll just end in tears.
Play perfectly for a few notes and you'll get a streak multiplier. Keep the streak going and your score will skyrocket!
Hold down the fret buttons early to prepare for a note. When you see the same note twice in a row, keep that fret button held down.
Just like a real guitar player, you don't need to release Fret Buttons on lower notes when you play higher notes.
Use your pinky to hit the 4th fret button and you won't need to move your hand as much.
Save your star power for sections with many notes. You'll get more points and bigger Rock Meter boosts.
Chords are worth twice as many points as regular notes!
Practice strumming both up and down to nail those super fast passages.
If you're having trouble getting through an especially fast solo, check out the Advanced Techniques Tutorial.
Go spend your hard-earned cash at the Unlock Shop. You'll find cool stuff like secret Characters, customized Gibson Guitars, and Bonus Songs.
At some point, you should think about buying a real guitar.

Song Specific Loading Tips

All of This - Shaimus Singer Phil Beaudreau and Bassist Johannes "Rash" Raasina work on the Harmonix QA team. Phil is gullible, Rash is less so.
Behind The Mask - A member of the Harmonix QA staff, former C60 frontman Keith Smith, belts out the vocals for Behind the Mask.
The Breaking Wheel - When not working for the Harmonix audio staff, Jeff Allen beats the skins for his band Artillery.
Callout - The Acro-brats are the most brattiest band in Boston. Guitarist Daniel Sussman will steal your lunch money.
Caveman Rejoice - Traffickers of meaty, aggressive rock, The Bags have successfully avoided fame and fortune for over 20 years.
Cheat on the Church - The WINNERS of the Be A Guitar Hero contest supply you with slippery red-hot slingin' Quality American Dirtcore. All Hail the Graveyard BBQ!
Decontrol - Marcus Henderson, guitarist for Drist, pulls out the solos for a bunch of Guitar Hero songs, including "Bark at the Moon" and "Godzilla."
Even Rats - Ah, the soothing sounds of The Slip. Accessible Boston Rock. What's not to love?
Eureka, I've Found Love - Boston's Upper Crust are a tribute to men who wear tights all over the world.
Farewell Myth - Made In Mexico is from Providence, Rhode Island, home to H.P. Lovecraft's body.
Fire It Up - Before Black Label Society, Zakk tore it up as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.
Fly On The Wall - A band of destiny, Din features two siblings of Boston rock legends, Tribe.
Get Ready 2 Rokk - Fans of previous Harmonix games will recognize synth pop masters Freezepop - bet you didn't expect them in this game!
Guitar Hero - Monkey Steals the Peach is a Harmonix super group. It is made up of 3 artists and a producer: Swid Swiderek, Ryan Lesser, Jason Kendall, Daniel Sussman.
Hey - Veteran Harmonix programmer Dan Schmidt sings and strums for Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.
Sail Your Ship By - Izzy "Sparks" Maxwell plays bass for Count Zero. He's also a member of the crack Harmonix audio team.
Story of My Love - Venue artist, Scott Sinclair, is the bass player for The Model Sons.

Guitar Hero II

General Tips

Try the new and improved Hammer-ons and Pull-offs. They're easier this time around.
Hit 10 notes in a row for a x2 score multiplier. Longer note streaks are rewarded with higher multipliers.
Just like with a real guitar, you don't need to release Fret Buttons on lower notes when you play higher notes.
Wait until you have a x4 multiplier going, and then use Star Power to max out your score.
Star Power can be a life saver! If you're deep in the red, use Star Power to win the crowd back.
Use Star Power to drive the crowd wild. Learn how to control this awesome energy in the Star Power Tutorial.
Get a streak multiplier by playing perfectly for a few notes.
Series of notes on the same fret coming up? Keep the fret button held down.
You can slow down songs and individual song sections in Practice Mode. Nail solos that have been kicking your butt!
Some HDTVs have an audio/visual lag that may affect your ability to play the game. If you're having problems, try running "Calibrate Lag" under Video Settings on the Options menu.
Visit Practice Mode from the Training menu to really nail those tough sections.
If you have a fancy-pants HDTV, you might wanna try using Progressive Scan from the Video Settings menu in Options.

Comedy Tips

Life is hard for musicians, but for drummers it's nearly impossible.
If your singer ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
You need a mini-fridge in your practice space. It's more important than a bassist.
You only need one person with a mohawk in your band.
Remember, NO STAIRWAY!
It takes a REALLY long time to drive the van through Nebraska.
If you have a road crew, it's called "hauling" equipment. Otherwise it's called "schlepping."
It all comes out on the road.
A band is the dysfunctional family you choose.
If you call your new song a "Rock Anthem," you'd better be damn sure.
It's customary to try to be the loudest during practice.
Dropping your pants onstage does not deploy Star Power.
If your neighbors keep complaining about the noise, turn up the volume until they move away.
Your mom does not count as a fan.

Easy Tips (Appear only when playing songs on Easy)

You don't get any cash in EASY, but you do in MEDIUM, HARD and EXPERT.
If you're getting 5 stars on every song without breaking a sweat, it's time to move up to MEDIUM.
Try MEDIUM or harder if you want to be able to buy new guitars, songs, videos, and more.

Advanced Tips

Stuck on a song? Try getting 5 stars on an easier one.
Save your Star Power for sections with many notes. You'll get more points and bigger Rock Meter boosts.
Chords are worth more points than regular notes!
Strum up and down to keep your arm from wearing out during fast passages.
Pick up characters, outfits, guitars, bonus songs, and more at The Store.

Encore Tips (Appear only during encores)

Don't write your encore on your set list - your fans will know you planned it.
If the staff is already flipping the stools, you missed your chance for an encore.
You better be sure they WANT you to come back out before you save your best song for the encore.
If your drummer is too tired for an encore, then your drummer is too tired for the after-party.
If they want an encore but you're out of songs, do NOT, under any circumstances, try to just JAM.
If the crowd is screaming for more but the sound dude is shaking his head angrily, just ignore him and play anyway.

Freebird Tips (Appear only while playing Freebird)

You're looking for "Gtr solo i" in Practice Mode.
Save yourself a whole world of pain. Master Free Bird in Practice Mode before trying your hand at the full version on stage.
FINE. They AREN'T just heckling you this time. SIGH.
Man, you must really like Free Bird.
Hang in there! You can do it! FREE BIRD!

Co-op Tips (Appear only in Co-op)

In Cooperative Mode, both players need to tilt their guitars TOGETHER to engage Star Power.
You both need to engage Star Power together.
In Cooperative Mode, you both are working together to achieve maximum high score.
In Cooperative Mode, everyone's a winner. Unless you're both losers.
Your streaks are combined in Cooperative Mode - you lose your multiplier if one of you screws up.
Be careful in Cooperative Mode - if the Rock Meter gets too far into the red, you'll lose.
We aren't responsible if you end up hating each other.
Shouting "STAR POWER!" is as good a method as any.
When someone calls a "Band Meeting" it's usually not a good thing.

Song Specific Loading Tips

Arterial Black - Guitarist Marcus Henderson contributed another tune for Guitar Hero II before splitting Drist to play lead guitar for the Grim Ripper.
Collide - When Anarchy Club isn't breaking things or fighting rival Kung Fu gangs, frontman Keith Smith smashes guitars for the HMX QA team. Adam Buhler prefers the darkness of the Anar-Cave, except when the moon is full...
Elephant Bones - Dizzy from the fumes, white knuckled, holding the wheel hostage. A dirty old Cadillac barrels toward hell, with a brick on the gas pedal. That Handsome Devil.
Fall of Pangea - Valient Thorr is from the planet Venus. Their message is your tool to further the knowledgement of the human consciousness.
FTK - Boston-based VAGIANT plays loud, fast, and sloppy. If they weren't so busy starting fights and smashing things, these girls would probably take over the world.
Gemini - Brian Kahanek says, "Play it from the bottom of your heart to the tips of your toes - every time."
Jordan - Wearing a bucket on your head will not improve your chances of beating this song. Or maybe it will.
Soy Bomb - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives return with their smash hit "Soy Bomb", which is Spanish for "I am bomb".
(Push Push) Lady Lightning - Half man, half machine, Bang Camaro runs on dude power.
Laughtrack - The Acro-brats are hands-down the best rock band in their practice space.
Less Talk More Rokk - Throw your undies on the stage. No wait, you're underage.
Mr. Fix It - Live to tour, tour to live! The Crowns remain, now and forever, royal to the loyal.
The New Black - "When playing shows, it's not ok to start a chant for your own band. That's like giving yourself a nickname." - Keith Buckley - Every Time I Die
One For The Road - Breaking Wheel would love to play in your basement, funeral or bar mitzvah. Incidentally, donations to our van fund are welcome.
Parasite - The Neighborhoods were presented with the Hall of Fame award at the 2005 Boston Music Awards.
Radium Eyes - Wow. Like 50 million others, you can play metal. Big deal. Think you can you play a proto-retro-roboto-organico soldier's love song set during the Phillippines-American War? Doubt it.
Raw Dog - The following song is by The Last Vegas. For best results, play at maximum volume, especially in the presence of authority figures or the elderly.
Red Lottery - Riding forth like thunderbolts cast from the hammer of Thor, the eight hooves of MEGASUS burn a trail of fire 'cross the winter sky.
Six - Guitarist Mike Martin recommended his teacher, Oli Herbert, to All That Remains prior to joining the band a few years later.
The Light That Blinds - This is SHADOWS FALL at their very best proving, once again, that they are the undeniable leaders of the current hard rock/metal scene.
Trogdor - "For squeadlies, mash on the trembalo. For meadlies, tone up on your chord surpassers. Oh, and I'm awesome."
Thunderhorse - Extreme METAL band DETHKLOK - "the biggest act in the universe" - brings forth the ultimate metal Armageddon. Prepare to be crushed. On
[adult swim](TM).
X-Stream - The spirit of legendary guitarist Piggy (Denis D'Amour) lives on in Guitar Hero II as Voivod takes you to the X-Stream once again.
Yes We Can - Made In Mexico was made in Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

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