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Motor De Muerte

One of the first competitive Rock Bands on the PS3, Motor de Muerte helped make popular the art of competing for high full band scores. They took over first place in March 2008 and remained there until Drive Shaft (a group with unhealthy amounts of talent) dethroned them shortly thereafter.


Guitar- alsoknownas
Bass- FreeXBird (Space_Peepull)
Drums- stxbomber191
Vocals- bach741


The band broke up in April of 2008. Although they cited personal reasons for disbanding, insider information reveals that it was a conflict with their bassist that ultimately caused their breakup. They now sit in 4th place on the PS3.

Side Projects

In early April of 2008, it was revealed that a side project between the bassist and the drummer of MDM had been started. With FreeXBird on guitar and stxbomber191 on bass, Scout and Junior was formed. This 2 person band easily rose to the top of the leaderboards, but since their breakup in late April, they have dropped down to 4th place. Rumors of a reunion tour arose in early September, but these were quickly squashed by the group.

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