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We recently had the privilege to grace the Neversoft Studios with our presence for a full day of hands-on action with a full build of the soon-to-be-released Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT). For the uninitiated, as unlikely as that may seem, Guitar Hero World Tour is the next version in the line of the mega-popular rhythm game franchise of the same name, Guitar Hero. In it, players are finally able to get the entire band together to rock out to a large variety of on-disc tunes, or create their own on the fly. We certainly couldn't wait to get our hands on the title and Harmonix's own "Rock Band" set the bar pretty high when it debuted last year, can Guitar Hero work as a full band or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

Our large group was housed in the very spacious motion capture studio and given access to 5, read it FIVE, full band GHWT stations. Each Xbox 360 station was hooked up to a tv bigger than my car and with a sound system that I would never dream of spending the money on. Only one station actually used the sound system while the rest had headphones hooked up to each instrument, if all stations were blaring, our heads would likely have collectively exploded. Just to get this out of the way, none of us noticed a single bit of lag nor did we have to calibrate ourselves, they were likely just done before we got there and I doubt they found out a way to completely get rid of the lag (otherwise the calibrate menu wouldn’t be there). For the rest of our impressions, we've broken everything up into sections to ensure that we could go into the amount of detail that only ScoreHero can appreciate!

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