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Multiplayer Modes

Online Play and Band Career

We did not have the opportunity to test online multiplayer modes for Band vs. Band for Head to Head matches. Several of us did start Band Career mode and in our limited experience it appeared conceptually to be virtually identical to the Solo Career mode described on the previous page.

Battle Mode

Battle mode in GHWT now features all instruments, with the restriction that both players must play the same instrument. During our time with the game, we only tested battle mode on Guitar, which was very similar to GH3's battle mode. Both players play the selected song's guitar chart with phrases (similar to SP phrases) that allow you to collect randomized power-ups which can be used to "attack" your opponent by altering his or her chart or gameplay in various different ways. From what we remember, the power-ups seemed to be the same as Guitar Hero 3 with at least one new one that we recall seeing, Mines. If attack the other player with the Mines power-up, they will start to see gray notes populate their chart, usually next to other notes to create chords. Hitting this land mine causes it to blow up, which obviously takes a chunk out of your rock meter. This new power-up was at least somewhat entertaining to see people hit, but it still suffers from the same fate as the other chart altering attacks, you can watch your opponent's chart to easily avoid the alterations done to your own. One unique aspect to GHWT, however, if both players finish the song without failing, the song will restart again with 100% faster scroll and 100% faster fail rate; reducing reaction time and increasing the effects of missed notes. We were able to survive through a second tie, and it still increased the effects even faster for the third run. At this point we lasted about 10 notes before failing as it was nearly impossible to react to the scroll speed. From what we know, bass battles are identical to guitar except both players would be playing the song's bass chart. Unfortunately we did not get around to testing battle mode for drums or vocals to know how those work.

Pro Face-Off

Pro Face-Off doesn't differ much from its predecessors conceptually, it's essentially still a battle with your opponent for the higher score on the same exact song. The score, Star Power and meter displays are still too far toward the top, but if you pick points in the song where you don't -have- to look at the fretboard, they're a glance away. I lost my note streak a bit on the unfamiliar songs from trying to check my progress. Even though Pro Face-Off online in Guitar Hero 3 involves first choosing a setlist of several songs, when playing locally in GHWT you still are not given the option to create a setlist and must select each song before playing. A nice feature is the ability to battle a friend on Pro Face-Off on differing difficulties. The game will recalculate the base scores and approximate the point value for notes hit so that the total points possible are equal, no matter the difficulty. I'm worried that we'll see what we did with online Battle mode in Guitar Hero 3 with one opponent quickly picking easy after you've picked hard or expert and getting away with an easier win. In other words, don't let your opponent select Easy for "Satch Boogie" against you! Here's a couple of Pro Face-Off videos that were taken while we were there, on drums and playing "Hot For Teacher", you've got our very own Phr34k going up against Neversoft's Andy Gentile, the drummer for An Endless Sporadic. Then we've got's Sluggo going head to head with our own Emptyset in a guitar duel of "Satch Boogie".

Face-Off, yeah, it's still there

Face-Off is another area we briefly touched on, again only testing on Guitar. The concept is the same as previous GH titles where two opponents trade-off playing small sections of the chart and occasionally play some parts simultaneously. Really there isn't much else to say about this mode, other than it still exists!

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