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Nirvana 01 Track Pack

Released: 10/21/08
The Nirvana 01 Track Pack was a disappointment to many Rock Band players. The entire Nevermind album had been rumored to be coming out for ages, and to many this track pack felt like a nuetered version. It includes all the songs from Nevermind except for song_RB_InBloom In Bloom (already available on the Rock Band 1 disk), and song_RB2_DrainYou Drain You (available on the Rock Band 2 disk), and the singles, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Come as You Are", and "Lithium". The absence of the latter three struck a sour note with players who had been waiting for the entire Nevermind album to be released. Perhaps the three singles are being planned for a Nirvana 02 Track Pack to complete the album.

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