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To overstrum is to strum where there is no note to hit. This will break your note streak (and therefore your multiplier) and slightly decrease the Rock Meter.

If you hold the wrong fret and strum (for example, if you play a red note when a blue note crosses the line) you will overstrum in addition to missing the initial note.

Overstrums are usually referred to in the context of full combos and chokes. A 100% run with a note streak that is unequal to the total number notes in the song will without exception involve an overstrum, and will not be considered a full combo run. The other context in which overstrums are usually mentioned is in fast or awkward rhythms, tempo changes or exceptionally fast strumming sections such as Song_GH2_Misirlou Misirlou, Song_GH1_TheBreakingWheel The Breaking Wheel, Song_GH3_TheNumberOfTheBeast Number of the Beast (Guitar Hero 3 version), Song_GH3_CherubRock Cherub Rock (Guitar Hero 3 version) and Song_GH3_KnightsOfCydonia Knights of Cydonia.

The parallel that can be drawn on drums for Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour is the "overhit" or "overdrum", both of which mean the same thing and work in the same way. There is no equivalent in singing because there is no penalty for singing when there are no words to sing.

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