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Star Power (SP) & Overdrive (OD) Paths

Looking to find out where to activate Star Power or Overdrive to achieve high scores in Guitar Hero or Rock Band (aka SP/OD Paths)? Look no further!

This page is designed as a central access point for checking availability of community path information across every existing game, instrument combination, and difficulty. Those looking for paths can easily find them, and those looking to contirbute can see where help is needed! Top contributors are always shown in the box to the right.

With your help we can build a more complete set of knowledge, click here to learn more!

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G - Guitar, B - Bass, D - Drums, V - Vocals
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Recent RB2 Expert+ Full Band Paths

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RB2 Expert+ Full Band does not exist. Try changing the options above.

RB2 Expert+ Full Band Breakdown

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Game Paths Available Breakdown of Progress
RB2 Expert+ Full Band does not exist.

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Song Paths Available Last Submitter Last Update Path Breakdown
RB2 Expert+ Full Band does not exist.
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