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Credit: Pedal Metal


To reinforce a stock bass pedal so it won't break, or to repair an already broken stock pedal.



One of the most common problems with the stock kit is having the pedal that comes with it snap. Usually the snap happens about halfway down the pedal, but in some cases it will happen near the base.

One fairly cheap solution is to order the pedal metal. This is a metal plate that goes on top of the stock pedal, whether it's already broken or not, and you can screw it in place using the drill-holes that come with it. If you have the tools and expertise you can probably machine one of these yourself.

If your break was near the base and you order the pedal metal, you may want to make an additional drill-hole or two, or move an existing one, to keep the plate stable. In the photo below I moved one screw to a new drill-hole in the center. I used a small bit for the drill although I don't recall the size, and the result is a bit crude but the pedal has stood up to all kinds of abuse over several months.
Pedal Metal with additional drill-hole


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