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Performance Awards

Performance Awards are assigned to band members in Game_RockBand Rock Band and Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2 at the end of a song, related to particular conditions being fulfilled by their performance.

In a case where a player fulfills the conditions for multiple awards, one is chosen "at random" by taking the modulo of the score by the number of awards available, and using that as the index into the array containing all their possible awards. Awards are added into the array in the same order they are listed below.

For example, if a player is eligible for Flawless and Solo Legend (by getting 100% on a song with a solo on guitar), they will receive Flawless with an an even score, and Solo Legend with an odd score.


Condition: Saved a failed band member.

Band Savior

Condition: Saved more failed band members than anyone else.

Top Performer

Condition: Had a higher notes-hit percentage than any other band member, and did not fail at any point in the song.

Longest Streak

Condition: Had a higher streak than any other band member.

Spirited Survivor

Condition: Failed twice, but was not currently failed when the song ended.


Condition: Failed three times.

Serious Skills

Condition: 95% to 99% notes-hit percentage.


Condition: 100% notes-hit percentage.

Energy Hoarder

Condition: Ended the song with a full bar of Overdrive, and did not ever deploy Overdrive during the song.

Authentic Strummer

Condition: Bass player that only used up-strums.

Most Energy

Condition: Deployed Overdrive more than any other band member.

Most Gutsy

Condition: Played on a higher difficulty than any other band member, and had a lower notes-hit percentage than any other band member.

Awesome Solo

Condition: Hit 95% to 99% on any solo in the song.

Solo Legend

Condition: Hit 100% on any solo in the song.

Steady Eddie

Condition: Bass player that held a streak longer than 90% of the notes in the song.

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