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In terms of the actual gameplay HUD, very little has changed other than the fretboard becoming slightly shorter and more transparent, and everything having a sleeker appearance to it. In contrast, the menus and sorting system have been overhauled quite a bit.

The Overshell

This is the largest addition to the game in terms of menus, and really makes things much more convenient overall. The overshell is found along the bottom of the screen and is accessible from all screens up until the time when you begin a song. From the overshell you are able to join and drop out of the session, change gamertags, choose characters, invite players to play online, and change various options and modifiers which are listed below. Although the full overshell is not available during a song, you can change any of the options and modifiers in the middle of the song as well.



Song Sorting/Filtering

Instead of only being able to sort by one option like in past games, Rock Band 3 includes a number of sorting options along with various filters that can be applied to narrow down the range of songs displayed.

Sorting Options
Filter Options

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