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For a game that is heavily intended to provide a fun multiplayer experience, Rock Band 3 unfortunately misses the mark in comparison to past entries in the series. All previous competitive multiplayer modes have been removed from the game, leaving leaderboards and setlist battles as the only ways to see how you stack up against others. Although you can have all 4 instruments in a band along with vocal harmonies, this requires you to play in all instruments mode (AIM). When in AIM, vocals are reduced down to easy difficulty, and are no longer scored. It should be noted that in order to have guitar, bass and keys all present in your band you must use all instruments mode as well. One interesting addition is that the game now provides you with a solo instrument score as well as a total band score, eliminating the frustration of finally getting a tough FC in band play and having no record of a solo score for it. While the solo scoring works fine in band play, the star cutoffs seem a bit odd. While playing we saw a 200k score on "Llama" flagged as a gold star score when the cutoff is actually around 60k higher.


Online Play

Online play suffers from some odd design choices as well as some irritating bugs that didn't seem to come up in past games.image

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