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Pro Drums

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Although cymbal support was added to Rock Band 2's drum kit, cymbals only functioned to provide cymbal sounds in drum fills and freestyle mode. With Rock Band 3's pro drum mode drummers are required to play all cymbal notes on cymbals and toms on the pads. Rather than introducing more lanes to the highway, cymbal notes are designated by a round cymbal shaped note of the proper color in place of the normal rectangular notes. Pro drums may currently be played on either an ION kit with cymbals, or by purchasing cymbal attachments for the Rock Band 2 set. Pro drums can not be played through a Rock Band 1 or Guitar Hero drum kit. Users of electronic drum kits will be able to use their drums in game once the MIDI Pro adapter is released later this month. Although you can currently use the MIDI input on a Guitar Hero drum kit to play normal drums, it can not send the proper signals to allow you to use your cymbals for pro drums. Harmonix has actually been authoring pro drums since very early on in the series, and with the help of some updated files on the game disc pro drums are available for all songs released by Harmonix. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Rock Band Network songs. Due to authors not knowing about how to author pro drums until June, any tracks produced and released before this point will default to having all yellow, blue and green notes displayed as cymbals in game if you select pro drums. In addition, there is currently no way to test pro drums in audition mode, so there is no way to know for sure if there are any errors with the pro drum markings until the song has been approved and released for sale.

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