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Instrument Trainers

In addition to the standard practice mode, Rock Band 3 has expanded the concept of the drum trainer mode from past games to encompass the new pro instrument modes. Trainers can be found for Drums, Pro Drums, Pro Keys and Pro Guitar under the Learn an Instrument section. Each instrument trainer contains several sets of lessons, each focusing on different skills or techniques. For example, the early pro guitar trainers may have you starting out playing simple single string riffs or basic scales, where as some of the final lessons have you learning about tapping or the mixolydian scale. Each lesson has text along the top to help guide you through the lesson. While the lessons are designed to have a definite difficult progression to them, you can complete them in any order. This is definitely a good thing since certain lessons will likely become a brick wall for inexperienced players, such as the barre chord lessons in the pro guitar trainers. The trainers are able to be slowed down as low as 60% speed in 5% increments, offering a little more flexibility than the standard practice mode. From a beginner's perspective there are definitely some gaps in the trainer that are slightly disappointing. For example, there is no indication of how to position your hand on the keyboard, or how to hold and use a guitar pick. Since the trainers are designed to provide you with the basic skills to play the instruments, it seems odd to have no coverage for the most basic of techniques. One of the nicest features in the pro guitar trainer chord/note help feature. This is an option that can be toggled on or off, which will display a fretboard and give the proper fingering for any chord or note that you miss. Unfortunately there is nothing similar to this for pro key trainers.


Song Trainers

On top of the basic lessons in the instrument trainer, there are trainers for every song on pro guitar/bass/keys. These trainers isolate small important sections of the song for you to focus on. While these don't fully prepare you to take on a song, they do provide you with a chance to get a better grip on the main parts of the song. You can then proceed to fill in the gaps either through practice mode or by playing the song for real.


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