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Rock Band Microphone

The microphone that is included in the Game_RockBand Rock Band and Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2 Special Edition bundles is a standard Logitech USB microphone with "Rock Band" printed on it. It is generally considered a low quality microphone and can be replaced with any USB mic. The same standard mic was packaged with all systems and is compatible between all the systems. It can also be used as a USB mic for a computer.

Alternate Third-Party Mics

image Although any USB mic will work with Rock Band and Rock Band 2 there have been some third-party USB mics designed specifically for the game.

Rock Band Microphone by PDP

In January of 2008, a "Rock Band microphone" began turning up at Best Buy stores without any official announcement. It seemed to be a premium version of the original Rock Band mic. PDP, the maker of other Rock Band accessories like the drum pad silencers and the "Stage Kit", has since recognized the existence of the mic and it is available for sale on their official website and the official Rock Band Store for $29.99.

Rock Band M.I.C.

The Officially Licensed Rock Band M.I.C. (Microphone with Integrated Controller) is a microphone/controller combo made by MadCatz. It is the first microphone with a controller built-in so that another controller to navigate menus is not needed. It features all the buttons of a normal controller that are needed to play Rock Band including an Xbox Guide button. It has a special lock switch to disable the buttons while playing to avoid unwanted button presses. Unlike other microphones it is not compatible with all systems because it has a controller built-in. As of now only an Xbox 360 version is available but a PS3 version is "Coming Soon". It is available on the GameShark store and the Rock Band Store for $59.99. image

Where to Buy

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