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ScoreHero Achievements

Taken from Mithin and Toymachine's idea on the SH UserVoice, ScoreHero Achievements are another way for users to show off their accomplishments.

Guitar Hero

image Can't Touch This - Pass "Cowboys From Hell" on Expert, using hammer-ons and pull-offs at every possible opportunity (only strumming black-rimmed notes)

image There is no Moon - Score 300k on Bark at the Moon. [Tile - DanSoup]

Guitar Hero II

image NEVER AGAIN! - Get a Full Combo on both "Yes We Can" and "Red Lottery"

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's

image We Have MASTERS!!! 5 Star Because it's Midnite, Electric Eye, I Ran (So Far Away), I Wanna Rock, and The Warrior on Expert.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

text Why hammer-ons?! - Score 100% in "Go That Far" on Expert, without a Full Combo

text Careerock! - Obtain a career score of 24 million

text YOU ROC-dammit! - Fail in "You Rock!!!!" in "Through the Fire and Flames"

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

text Steven Who? - Earn 6 Stars on "Mercy", "Talk Talkin'", "Shakin' My Cage", and "Joe Perry Guitar Battle" on Expert Guitar

Guitar Hero: World Tour

text Crowd Pleaser - 5* On The Road Again (Live), Demolition Man (Live), Sweet Home Alabama (Live) and Purple Haze (Live) on expert vocals. [Tile - DanSoup]

text Guest Actor - Full Combo "Today", "Misery Business", "Stillborn", "Dammit", "Stranglehold", "Demolition Man (Live)", "The Wind Cries Mary", "Purple Haze (Live)", "Mr. Crowley" and "Crazy Train" on Expert Guitar

Guitar Hero: Metallica

text Hail To The King, Baby - Full Combo both "Evil" and "Mercyful Fate" on Vocals

text How Do I Taste, Kirk? - Full Combo Guitar Hero: Metallica on Guitar

image Both Legs In The Abyss - Achieve 5 Stars on "War Ensemble" on Expert+ Drums

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

image Double Trouble - 5 Star "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert Guitar

text Apple For The Drummer? - 5 Star "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert+ Drums

text French Revolution - 5 Star "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert Bass

text It Stands for Zimbabwe Pears - 5 Star "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert Vocals

text Where's My Keyboard Part? - Be a part of a Full Band 5 Star on "Through the Fire and Flames"

text Stomping in Red Percipitation - FC "Raining Blood" on Expert+ Drums

image It is SO Sung! - FC "Unsung" on Expert Vocals

Rock Band

image Big Everywhere - Complete every venue in Band World Tour

text Hope You've Had Your Fill - Gold-star "Paranoid", "Run To The Hills", and "Enter Sandman" on any instrument

Rock Band 2

image Tenacious Me - Gold-star "Master Exploder" on Voxtar

Rock Band DLC

text Triple Your Pleasure - Pass "Blinded By Fear" on Expert Drums using 3 drumsticks

image Don't Download This Song- Become a true DLC Whore (Downloads every song, every week)

Multiple Games

image The Four Horsemen - On Expert Guitar, pass "Jordan" (GH2), "Through The Fire And Flames" (GH3), "Satch Boogie" (GHWT), and "Caprici di Diablo" (RBDLC)

image The Note Streak of The Beast - Earn a Max Note Streak of 666 on "The Number of The Beast" (GH3/RBDLC) [Tile - Mazzocchi]

image I should have just restarted... - Miss the first note of a song, only to go on and hit the rest in a combo

image WHY??!?!?!?! - Hit every note in a song in a combo except for the last note

image Strong Badass - Score a 7-star rating on both "Trogdor" (GH2) and "Because It's Midnite" (GH80s)

image In A Land Called Kickapoo... - Achieve a Full Combo on "The Metal" (GH3), "Master Exploder" (RB2), "Rock Your Socks" (RBDLC or RB:U), and "Tribute" (RBDLC).

image You Look Oddly Like Jesus... - Gold-star both Constant Motion and Panic Attack on Expert Guitar.

image Ass and Balls!! - Gold-star both Constant Motion and Panic Attack on Expert Drums.

image Oh My Ung! - Gold-star both Constant Motion and Panic Attack on Expert Bass.

image Translated: The Cheese? - Gold-star both Constant Motion and Panic Attack on Expert Vocals.

image There needs to be a Keyboard controller... - Be part of a full band gold star of both Constant Motion and Panic Attack.

image Err... That was intentional! - Fail out of a song before you have a chance to hit a note.

image Strummin' to the iTunes - Play a song on any instrument with the volume down and listening to it on your iPod.

image The Girl Is Back in Town - FC Misery Buisness, crushcrushcrush, and That's What You Get on Expert Vocals.

ScoreHero Legends

image Barfo Wannabe - Score 133,337 on any song

image Barfo's Apprentice - Score 133,337 on any song on Expert with a 137 maximum note streak

text bLiNdz0rd by fEar - Full Combo "Blinded By Fear" on Expert Drums

image Driiiiiinkbreak - Full Combo "Jailbreak (Live)" on Vocals, while going to a store, purchasing a beverage and returning during the 6 minute break

text The Legend of PSX - Score 1,000,000,000 points across all Guitar Hero and Rock Band games

text The Return of PSX - FC any song at least once with all characters

image The Dragon's Inforcement (You Ain't No Legend!) - Play on Expert Drums nonstop, until you get RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)


image <3 SH - Get 50 lifetime contribution points, by finding proofs or donating to the site

image (Star)Power To The People - Appear on The StarPower Podcast

text Headliner - Become a Featured User on ScoreHero Wiki

image It's Also My Favorite Song - Recieve a "Freebird" banner from making 2000+ posts on the forums.


Titles - DJCardShark, Mazzocchi, Cyberwaste, Ad134, dragoninforcer

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