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ScoreHero's Definitive List of Guides!

Before going to the forums and starting a new topic asking for help on a song, check the guides. If there's a guide for it, no need to make a new topic! If there's a guide, and you read it, but you still don't understand how to do the song, post in the guide; the author will probably respond.

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Aright, now for the list. To find something quickly, hit Ctrl+f to open the "find" panel, and then type in the name of the song and it will bring you right to the respective section.

Guitar Hero

Beginner's Guide to Mastering GH1 HO/POs

Song_GH1_CowboysFromHell Cowboys From Hell
How to play - Guides by Jowhannez

Guitar Hero II

The Ultimate Guitar Hero II Strategy Guide
GH2 Xbox 360 Achievement Guide 1000/1000

The Ultimate Bonus Songs Guide (Constantly Being Updated) Contains: All Bonus Songs

Song_GH2_ArterialBlack Arterial Black
How to play - Guides by Jowhannez

Song_GH2_BeastAndTheHarlot Beast and the Harlot
Beast And The Harlot - Expert - 5* Guide
Beast and the Harlot Solo D Tutorial Video

Song_GH2_FreeBird Free Bird
Completing Free Bird on Expert, section by section guide
Free Bird (Expert) - Strategies for some of the hard solos!

Song_GH2_Gemini Gemini
Guide to FC the Magical Beast that is Gemini!

Song_GH2_Hangar18 Hangar 18
How to play Hangar 18
Hangar 18 Guide

Song_GH2_HeartShapedBox Heart Shaped Box
Heart Shaped Box 3 FINGERS

Song_GH2_Institutionalized Institutionalized
How to play Institutionalized

Song_GH2_Jordan Jordan
The Official Jordan Thread!
The Ultimate Jordan Guide - by FretsonFireGh2 and Jowhannez
A Fool Proof Guide to PASSING JORDAN
JPrez44's Guide to a Jordan FC (Unfinished)
Jordan Solo B

Song_GH2_Misirlou Misirlou
Misirlou 5* Expert Guide
How to 5* Misirlou on Expert

Song_GH2_MrFixIt Mr. FixIt
Mr. Fixit 3 FINGERS

Song_GH2_Parasite Parasite
Parasite 3 FINGERS

Song_GH2_PsychobillyFreakout Psychobilly Freakout
The Psychobilly Freakout Help Thread (Hard & Expert)
How to play- Guides by Jowhannez
Psychobilly Freakout Expert 5-star Guide

Song_GH2_RockThisTown Rock This Town
Rock this Town expert guide

Song_GH2_Six Six
A Hopefully Helpful Guide to “Six” (Expert)
Strategy Guide to Five Star Six on Hard!

Song_GH2_TattooedLoveBoys Tattooed Love Boys
Tattooed Love Boys

Song_GH2_Trogdor Trogdor
Trogdor - Expert

Song_GH2_TheTrooper The Trooper
The Trooper: Solos Guide

Song_GH2_Woman Woman
Woman - Expert

My YYZ Solo D tapping method

Guitar Hero: Rock the 80’s

Song_GH80s_BecauseItsMidnite Because, It’s Midnite
A Because, It’s Midnite Solos Tapping Guide

Song_GH80s_CaughtInAMosh Caught in a Mosh
Caught in a Mosh - Expert

Song_GH80s_ElectricEye Electric Eye
Mini-Guide: Electric Eye solo E

Song_GH80s_PlayWithMe Play With Me
Play With Me: Extreme Guide

Song_GH80s_RoundAndRound Round and Round
Round and Round - Expert

Guitar Hero III

The ULTIMATE GH3 Guide (Unfinished)
GH3 HARD "The Guide" (Unfinished)
GH3! Xbox 360 Achievement Guide 1000/1000

Battle For Your Soul Expert Guide Version 2.2 Contains: Tier 8
How to not be emotionally scarred by tier 7 and 8 Contains: Tier 7. The title is misleading. :P
The Extremely Long Guide to Various Difficult Songs of GH3 Contains: CoD, CoP, #otB, One, Lou, RaBl, and TtFaF
The Guitar Virtuoso Pack Contains: SWtA, FtLoG, and Soothsayer
The Ultimate Bonus Songs Guide (Constantly Being Updated) Contains: All Bonus Songs
Death Magnetic Solos Guide Contains: Solos of the Death Magnetic Pack

Song_GH3_3sAnd7s 3's & 7's
3's & 7's (And So Can You!)

Song_GH3_BeforeIForget Before I Forget
Before I Forget Expert Five-Star Guide
Before I Forget - Expert
GH3 How to 5star/FC Before I Forget

Song_GH3_BlackSunshine Black Sunshine
Black Sunshine - Expert

Song_GH3_BullsOnParade Bulls On Parade
In Depth Guide to Bulls On Parade (Unfinished) (More added!)

Song_GH3_CliffsOfDover Cliffs of Dover
CoD Intro Solo B and Monsters solo. (VIDEOS/FRETICONS)
Cliffs of Dover:Intro Solo B guide
Anatomizing The Cliffs Of Dover - 5 Star & FC Guide

Song_GH3_Closer Closer
Closer - Expert <-{ROFL

Song_GH3_CultOfPersonality Cult of Personality
ZackaryCF's Cult of Personality Solo Guide
How to play Cut of Personality (EDIT: now w/ complete solo)
Cult Of Personality hard guide
Guide of Personality (REWRITTEN, COME SEE!!!)
The Ultimate Cult of Personality Thread

Song_GH3_TheDevilWentDownToGeorgia The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Georgia Theme Lead One Strumming Guide
The Devil Went Down Gergorge Thread (not official...yet)
DWDTG - Victory Solo K Guide

Song_GH3_DontHoldBack Don't Hold Back
Don't Hold Back Expert Guide

Song_GH3_EvenFlow Even Flow
FC Guide to Even Flow

How to play F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X

Song_GH3_ForTheLoveOfGod For the Love of God
The Guitar Virtuoso Pack

Song_GH3_GenerationRock Generation Rock
Guide to FCing Generation Rock

Song_GH3_Helicopter Helicopter
Helicopter - Expert

Song_GH3_InTheBellyOfAShark In the Belly of a Shark
In the Belly of a Guide - How to FC the Beast

Song_GH3_Impulse Impulse
Most Impulsive Expert Guide Ever
Guide: Impulse - Funkiest Riff In History (video included)

Song_GH3_KnightsOfCydonia Knights of Cydonia
Knights of Cydonia 5-star Guide

Song_GH3_KoolThing Kool Thing
Kool FC Guide (Unfinished)

Song_GH3_LaGrange La Grange
La Grange - Expert

Lou’s Boss Battle
The easiest way to beat the devil on expert using 1 attack
The Unofficial Guide to Beating the Devil- All Diffs.

Song_GH3_MauvaisGarcon Mauvais Garcon
Mauvais Garcon Guide (5*/FC)
Mauvais Garcon Technique

Song_GH3_Monsters Monsters
CoD Intro Solo B and Monsters solo. (VIDEOS/FRETICONS)
Monsters Expert FC/5* guide

Song_GH3_MyCurse My Curse
My Curse Expert FC Guide

Song_GH3_NothingForMeHere Nothing for Me Here
Five Stars for You Here (NfMH Expert Guide)
How to play - Guides by Jowhannez

Song_GH3_TheNumberOfTheBeast Number of the Beast
The How To: Alt Strum #oftB(Simple Technique)
A Guide to 5-staring THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST
Topic #666: The Expert FC Guide to The Number of the Beast

Song_GH3_One One
One Expert 5* Guide
In-depth Fast Solo A Guide! (Expert)
One FSA Tapping guide (Undead/BBK/Strike technique)

Song_GH3_PaintItBlack Paint It, Black
Paint It Black Expert Guide

Song_GH3_PrayerOfTheRefugee Prayer of the Refugee
Prayer of the Refugee: Chord Changes You'll Learn to LOVE!

Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood
Raining Blood: No, you don’t need to start a new topic.
Raining Blood 5* Expert Guide
I randomly made a tapping guide to Raining Blood
GH3 How to 5 star Raining Blood on Expert
Flood Guide

Song_GH3_RockYouLikeAHurricane Rock You Like a Hurricane
Ultimate Rock You Like a Hurricane Thread
HowTo: Rock You Like a Hurricane Solo 3 FC

Song_GH3_SameOldSongAndDance Same Old Song and Dance
Same Old Song and Dance Expert 5* Guide

Song_GH3_TheSeeker The Seeker
The Seeker Bridge 1 Strumming

Song_GH3_Soothsayer Soothsayer
The Guitar Virtuoso Pack

Song_GH3_Stricken Stricken
Stricken Guide v.1.1
That Guide Nova Wrote about FCing Stricken

Song_GH3_SurfingWithTheAlien Surfing With the Alien
The Guitar Virtuoso Pack

Song_GH3_TakeThisLife Take This Life
Take This Life – Expert – Complete Guide

Song_GH3_TalkDirtyToMe Talk Dirty to Me
FC guide to Talk Dirty to Me

Song_GH3_TheWayItEnds The Way it Ends
The Way it Ends Expert FC/5* Guide

Song_GH3_ThroughTheFireAndFlames Through the Fire and Flames
NOTE TO READERS: There are, as you can plainly see, a large number of guides to this song. Read the titles to see what each one is about, and choose the one that best suits your goals.
NOTE TO WRITERS: Due to the massiveness of this list, guides will be rejected if they lack new, incredibly helpful information. No hard feeling if yours doesn't make it.

The Official Through the Fire and Flames Thread
Through the Fire and Flames Intro: a comprehensive guide
My guide to fcing synth death - what the..!?
Through the Fire and Flames; Now up to 200 topics (35 pages)
In depth Guide for Passing TTFAF
Comprehensive Guide to Through the Fire and Flames Hard
Through The Fire and Flames- Bridge 1 Tutorial
GH3 PS2 EXPERT: TTFAF; How to tap the Red Snake.
TTFAF Red Snake Tutorial
Comprehensive Guide to 6, 7, 800,000+ on TTFAF
Through the fire and flames intro tapping guide
TTFAF Twin Solo Descending Triplets Tutorial
Through the Fire and Flames: Expert, Community Project
Bridge 1 Ending FC Guide.
Solos Flailing Minny-Guide

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

GH:A XBOX 360 Achievement guide 1000/1000

Song_GHA_AllDayAndAllOfTheNight All Day and All of the Night
All Day And All Of The Night Expert Guitar

Song_GHA_TrainKeptARollin Train Kept a Rollin'
How to Adequately Keep a Rollin'

Guitar Hero: On Tour

General guide to GH:OT

Guitar Hero World Tour

Death Magnetic Solos Guide Contains: Solos of the Death Magnetic Pack

Song_GHWT_Assassin Assassin
Assassin FC Guide

BYOB (For Her Pleasure) - 5* Guide

Song_GHWT_LViaLViaquez L'Via L'Viaquez
L'Via L'Viaquez Solo Guide

Song_GHWT_SatchBoogie Satch Boogie
The Unofficial Satch Boogie Thread

Song_GHWT_ScreamAimFire Scream Aim Fire
Scream Aim Fire Solo Guide (with Tapping)

Song difficulty breakdowns
World Tour Expert Guitar FC Breakdown
World Tour Expert Bass FC Breakdown
World Tour Expert Vocals FC Breadown
World Tour Full Band Expert FC Breakdown
GH:WT Expert 5* Breakdown

Vocal Technique Guides
GHWT Vocals Guide

General Guitar Hero Stuff

Comprehensive Alt-Strumming Guide - 360 BACK! REQUESTS OPEN!
Tremelo/Speed Strumming Reference (New Songs Added)

Battle Mode/Bosses
A Comprehensive and Complete Guide to Battle Mode Version 2
A comprehensive guide to the boss battles and battle mode

The Guide to What Is and Isn't viewed as cheating

Comprehensive GUIDE for Ring and Pinky Fingers
Guide to Acquiring Fast Fingers Last update: 1/6
Finger Exercise Guide - Updated Sep 12/07

Moving From Medium to Hard
Medium to Hard: A Complete Walkthrough
The "Official-ish" Medium-to-Hard Strategy Guide
A Method to Adapt from medium to hard on GH2
Moving from Medium to Hard; In-depth Guide

Music Theory
Music Theory as it applies to GH

Notes Per Second Reference Guide
Guide to Calculating Notes Per Second

Playing with a Standard Controller
Standard Controller T,S,&G Thread v1.2

Practice Mode
Guide to Using Practice Mode Effectively
Ultimate Practice Guide (List of Songs That Are Useful In Practice Mode)

The Rock Meter. Yes, there is a guide for this.
Unofficial Rock Meter Guide (under construction)

The Scoring System
Scoring System FAQ (cutoff calculation explained!)
Strategy Guide --- Beyond 100%; Maximizing Your Score
A Method to Reliably Obtain Exact Scores (v1.0)
Ultimate Guide To Raising Your SH Rank!
The Guide To Improving Your Scores on Any Song

The Sliding Guide

Song Difficulty Breakdowns
Cdw01's Master Expert FC Breakdown
The Ultimate FC Breakdown Reference (NOW W/ HARD MASTER!)
Expert 5* Breakdown (GH2 360 Exclusives Added)
Guitar Hero Aerosmith Expert FC Breakdown
GH: On Tour expert 5* and FC breakdown
GH: Aerosmith Hard FC Breakdown
Alternative Guitar Hero 3 Expert FC List
gh3 expert fc breakdown

Squeezing Questions? Ask Here!
Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Squeezing

Star Paths
A step-by-step guide to drawing Star Power paths (with pics)
Short guide to creating paths for songs you can't FC

Stunt Guides - by Twilite
Playing with Power Drill
Playing with Wii Controller - Part 1
Playing with Wii Controller Part 2
Playing with Wii Controller - part 3
Playing with Feet
Playing with Bottle - Part 1
Playing With Bottle Part 2

TAPPING: A Complete Beginner's Guide
Guide to Tapping in Guitar Hero 3
Tapping Technique FAQ Guide
The Tapping Guide(gh1 “practice mode” tip)
The Tapping Addicts' Technique Thread

Guide to the Tick Engine in Guitar Hero 3

Tips From the Masters
Score Tip Contains: Everything you'll ever need to know about keeping a good average.
HellAshes Technique FAQ Contains: Institutionalized, H18, RaBl, FB, Jordan, PwM, Detonation, NfMH, TtFaF, Six, BatH, CotC, Eruption, Stop, Gemini, TDWDtG, S&D, FoP, JtF, YRGM, BIM, and General FAQs and Techniques
*NEW* Guide to the Solos: added some and cleaned up! Contains: CoD, #otB, Stricken, KoC, SatD, and RL (Wait, who needs help on Red Lottery?)
How to play - Guides by Jowhannez Contains: CfH, Institutionalized, H18, PbFo, AB, Jordan, RaBl, CoP, BIF, TTL, NfMH, and General Techniques
Yoda Technique Thread (Godzilla Solo) Contains: Godzilla, RL (Again?!), H18, and EE
MPChedda's Video Guides(Closer Squeeze vid and TTFAF intro!) Contains: PotR, Stricken, SOSaD, Closer, TtFaF, and Squeezing Techniques
JPrez44's Technique, Style, and Gameplay FAQ Contains: TtFaF, RaBl, One, Stricken, Crazy Train, CoP

The GH3 TRIPLETS-MADE-CAKE Guide! Not the common hard ways!

Want to help expand this list by creating your own guides?

Read this first!!!
Guide to Writing Guides

Freticon Archives
Now Published - Complete freticons for every GH3 song

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