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Hi, welcome to Shotgun Symphony's wiki page :) I'll try to keep updating this and make it look better all the time

Shotgun Symphony is a Rock Band 2 full band on the Playstation 3, started by MAYRAluvsYA, it was originally known as Shotgun Orchestra but after a member of the band decided he wanted to go solo, the search for a new guitarist was on. Shotgun Orchestra was going through some tough times, getting desperate to have a new start. Right when things looked the worst, their problems were solved, meister decided he wanted to be in a second band, joined Shotgun Orchestra and the name was changed to what it is now. Meister was looking for a new band because his other one, Drive Shaft is currently still here, but has only played once in a few months

Guitar- meister
Bass- SilverSwift
Drums- Lycrios

The path-maker for this band is meister... Currently we have played 4 songs as a band, and have 2 FBFCs

Our Accomplishments Thread
Our Scores


Session 1 11/22/08- our 1st session :) kicked off the band with a couple FBFCs and PS3 and cross-platform 1sts All 1st as of 11/22/08

Session 2 11/24/08- only 10 minutes, didn't get much
Float On
1st as of 11/24/08

Session 3 11/29/08- fixed our Float On -1, got a couple FBFCs, and a -1 of Hello There 1st x-plat (no picture, will FBFC later)
De-Luxe FBFC
Float On FBFC
Both 1st as of 11/29/08

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