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SlowHero Charts Project


What is SlowHero?

SlowHero is the name of a website run by User_tma tma containing computer generated charts of songs from various Guitar Hero games. The site contains both blank charts (notes and star power phrases only) and computer generated star power paths plotted onto charts using various configurations for squeeze windows and star power whammy gain.

The programs that generate the charts were originally written by User_debr5836 debr5836 (aka debr), and has continued to be revised and adapted to new games by User_tma tma. The programs parse the original game files to determine the note position and star power phrase locations, along with tempo, time signatures, and section names. Specifics of the game file formats is beyond the scope of this wiki page and is discussed further on the GuitarHeroFileFormats page.

The name "SlowHero" was originally a joke referencing the general slowness at the time of the ScoreHero site, before the hardware upgrades and database optimisations during 2007/2008.

About The Charts

All the charts can be found linked from the front page of SlowHero (URL:

Guitar Hero

blah blah blah

Known Issues

blah blah blah

Guitar Hero II

blah blah blah

Xbox 360 Differences


Downloadable Content (DLC)


Known Issues


Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s

Last of the Harmonix produced Guitar Hero games, yada yada yada.

Known Issues


Guitar Hero III


Differences Between Versions

Known Issues

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith


Known Issues

Guitar Hero: World Tour


Known Issues


debr5836, cdw01, tma, Demios, many many others

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