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The Sock Mod

Credit: AzuriteReaction


Usually used for QM sets, the purpose of the sock mod is to maximize the sensitivity of individual pads while preventing cross-talk to the other pads. It also muffles the noise from the kits.



  1. Take your drumset off the stand and disconnect if from the console.
  2. Taking the first drumhead, put two rubber bands around it.
  3. Get a sock and put it over the rubber bands, pulling tightly to wrap it around the drum head, and then pull the rubber bands out from under the sock so they rest completely on the sock, vertically oriented.
  4. Check to make sure the rubber bands are not touching anything but the sock.
  5. Get a strip of tape and tape the rubber band and sock together to the bottom and top of the drum shell (but don't let it touch the drum head).
  6. Repeat for all four heads. For the yellow you'll have to slip it over the red first, and for the blue you'll have to slip it over the green first. For the blue you'll need to pull the controller cord through the rubber band so it will actually fit.


Category: CategoryHardwareModifications

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