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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Bark At The Moon
Artist Ozzy Osbourne
Album Bark at the Moon
Year 1983
Game Guitar Hero
Platform(s) PS2

Bark At The Moon - GH1

Bark at the Moon is the final song on GH1's career setlist. It is considered by virtually all to be the hardest FC in the game. It wasn't FC'd until April 23, 2008 by a player by the name of strikebowler585 that acheived the first ever FGFC in Guitar Hero History.


This solo is considered highly difficult in GH2, it is near-impossible to FC in GH1. The snakes in the solo are 14.5 notes per second. With GH1 hammer-ons and pull-offs nonexistent, this solo is hand mangling.

Outro Solo

The outro solo is not as difficult but it is easy to miss in its length. It is labeled choke point even though McSkinny is the only person tp choked there. It consists of three note sequences (YRG, BYR, OBY) and five note sequences (YRYRG, BYBYR, OBOBY) repeating over and over again. It also contains two moderately paced snakes in the middle and end of it.

Song Pages / Star Power Pathing
Solo Easy Medium Hard Expert

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